17 minus 1

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As soon as the plane landed at Logan International, an adventurous, eager, 17-year-old girl burst with excitement as she grabbed her suitcases from baggage claim and rolled them down the tiled hallway of the airport. Nicole Chou, exhausted from the 17 hour flight from Taipei, Taiwan, finally landed in Boston, ready to attend BU’s summer challenge program. After living in Taiwan for 17 years, she makes another trip to the United States for a fun and exciting journey in the heart of Boston. Chou goes to Kaohsuing American School in Taipei, where she has attended for her freshman and junior year, and will attend for her senior year of high school. During her sophomore year, she traveled alone to Oregon as an exchange student, where she lived with a host family. Her English wasn’t top notch, and she wasn’t fond of the science and math fields, despite the Asian stereotype of them being good in those subjects. Instead, Chou chose more entertaining classes, such as culinary arts and choir. Also, it wasn’t too difficult to make new friends, since there were lots of foreign exchange and international students. Even when she had to switch host families in the middle of December, Chou adapted to experience something new for the year to come.

She also spoke about her upcoming plans for attending school after her senior year.

“I want to study in the United States or Australia.”

Her mother also seems to have a huge impact in her decision making.

“If I study in the states, I would study communication. If I go to college in Australia, I’ll do speech therapy. My mother says it’s easier to study in Australia since I’ll get more opportunities.”

She is also interested in studying abroad to Europe, specifically the United Kingdom.

Despite working hard in boarding school, Chou has found ways to ease and relax her mind; by listening to a London duo “Oh Wonder,” watching Orange is the New Black, and videos on Buzzfeed. Of course she has to enjoy the view of the mountains from her parents’s house in Taiwan, and also chow down on some tasty Asian street food.

Going away to college fall 2017 may not be easy. Even after her small dog passed away after five years, the transition may be a nervous but exciting time for Chou. As long as she has her uniforms and cold weather she’ll be all right!

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