A Day at Boston University

It is a breezy, summer day on Boston University’s campus. Students cross the street, careful not to get hit by the trains to Boston College and Park Street, whose tracks run through the middle of Commonwealth Avenue. The familiar sounds of the train as it rumbles by reminds myself of the 6 train back in New York. The dirty air of the city compares none to the clean air of Boston, despite the students that ruin the environment by smoking cigarettes in the shade. As one sits in a small park area in front of the College of Arts and Sciences Physics center, the Boston shuttle can be seen picking up students to travel to other parts of campus. The bright sun causes people to squint at the pink and purple hues of the flowers hovering above the rustling grass. Light breezes brush leaves across the brick flooring, causing dust and debris to fly into people’s eyes. Students across the street travel in groups to go to their next class, hauling laptops and textbooks in their arms. Birds fill the air with their happy chirps, drowning out the sounds of a drill in a construction site that is heard from a distance. Grass gardens are surrounded by benches, where adults relax and chat away their problems over Subway sandwiches. A girl lays on one of the grass gardens, her head on her backpack and her eyes closed. Another sits in the shade, busy into whatever entertainment her phone offers. A group of guys come from behind the building, carrying half empty Jamba Juice and Starbucks cups in their hands. It’s peaceful. As the breeze scatters the leaves again and another train sounding like the 6 passes by, I adjust my legs as the hard rock seat leaves imprints on my thighs.

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