Isn’t it DANGEROUS? — Day 7 of 10 Day Water Fast for charity

Is drinking too much water dangerous?

Throughout this period of the 10 Day Water Fast, one question I’ve been consistently asked is, ‘Isn’t that dangerous?’ and funnily enough I was asked that this morning. The simple answer is NO! Drinking too much water can eventually lead to losing your life (drink potentially 4–6 litres a day), however I’m not drinking that much.

In fact, I’m drinking less water now, than I did during my 90 day water challenge! I drink water from time to time and ideally would like to drink a litre of water in the morning, afternoon and evening, but it generally doesn’t happen.

Only on Day 7 (yesterday) have I realised that the best way to suppress my hunger. Drink more water. So for people wondering is it dangerous, I’m still here alive and kicking thankful and grateful for every minute I’m breathing. I will survive because other people’s non-charity 10 Day Water Fast are available for public consumption online and even on YouTube! It’s just I realise I’m probably first person that you may have come across that has shared this experience with you which I’m humbled to have the privilege of doing.

My skin is better, I’m not as tired as I thought as I would be (from other people who have done it before) and in the spirit I giving I gave £10 to a disabled charity because I know how it feels to raise £36 in an afternoon which is what I did! (Now I’ve raised £74!) Thank you EVERYONE who donated! You’re all stars and your generosity will be richly rewarded!