Exciting Opportunity for Speakers Abroad

After an overwhelming response from my original post “Calling All Speakers” to get involved in getCONNECTED 2017. I felt horrible telling my passionate international thought leaders that if they couldn’t find a way to allocate time travelling to Canada for March 24th it wouldn’t be the right fit. However, while I was writing back to one of the international leaders, I came upon an idea… I present to you the awesome opportunity to get involved through digital media. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before given the conference is literally on new age business practices!

So what does that mean? Featured Twitter chats coming up to the event on meaningful advice and topics related to business in the digital age for students. Pre-recorded webinars that students can unlock by attending the conference. Facebook live Q & A’s where attending or interested students can comment their questions to you on what you specialize in.

The conference is in less than 20 days, so we will have to act fast. If you are interested in influencing a class of creative millennials, telling your 20 year old self what you wished you could of, and being involved in something bigger than yourself. Reach out to me at tiana.eghdam@gmail.com and lets get creating!!

All the best,


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