Midterm Presentation

Findings for Project two: Team Lunch

The Brief:

  • A lot of corporate companies have team lunches, where the entire team will either go out for lunch in the proximity of the office or will order food for delivery.
  • The persistent problem is for the person who organizes these lunches: he or she has to track down everybody’s food preference and pre-order. This process has been very time-consuming — with everybody having a busy schedule.
  • The opportunity is to find a solution that would allow the entire team to select their restaurant and dish preference, and for the responsible person to be able to place the order seamlessly.


The Organized and Busy Employee

  • Busy with work schedule
  • Efficient
  • Organized
  • Wants an easy way of doing things
  • Don’t have a lot of time
  • Stressed
  • Always under pressure

The Social Sharing Food Enthusiast

  • Cares about local restaurants
  • Always up to date with social media
  • Digitally adept
  • Loves food
  • Quick to give opinions on restaurants
  • Eats out a lot

The Young, Motivated New Business Owner

  • Motivated, ambitious
  • Wants to promote company culture
  • Eager to please employees
  • Cares about new services and innovations
  • Busy
  • Is open to new ideas

User Stories & Job Stories

User Stories

As a business owner I want to be able to organize team lunches so that we can build better relationships together

As a person organizing a meeting with clients I want to be able to order local quality food so that I can impress the attendees

Job Stories

When my food is getting delivered I want to be able to track where they are so I can tell everyone when the lunch will be ready

When I am placing orders for my colleagues i want to be able to customize orders so I can cater to my co-workers food allergies

Platform Choice:


  • Conversational commerce, is about utilizing chat or messaging interfaces to interact with people, brands, or services. The net result is that people will be talking to brands and companies over Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack and it will be normal.
  • According to Business Insider, we are now spending more time in messaging apps than on social networks, and artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology is progressing rapidly


Surveys and Interviews

  • Most people would rather place their own order because they are either picky or have restricted dietary preferences, a small number said they would rather a the host because they are lazy
  • Majority of people said price and cuisine were the most important preferences for them
  • Almost everyone said they would download an app
  • Everyone would partake in more team lunches if they were more organized



  • Consistent brand recognition throughout the site
  • Excellent user flow from the explanation of the mission to the restaurant partners and testimonials
  • Love the dietary preference filter and tag rating on restaurants
  • Lots of photography


  • Not an obvious app download call to action. Or is there an app?
  • Could filter restaurants by location?
  • Lacking a back to top maybe sticky filtering button


  • Different concept (instead of delivery, you reserve a table and pre-order and pay at local restaurants so you can dine in under 30 minutes)
  • Simple sleek design and web layout
  • Targeted user flow (users, restaurants, businesses)
  • Easy to follow on the process of the app (like the video embed of the usage of the app)
  • Clear call to action to download app
  • Integrated Facebook messenger app


  • On the website there is no filter for the restaurants (they are just sorted by location)
  • Lots of scrolling on restaurant page
  • Even though it is a unique concept, having a delivery option would be nice


  • Friendly, approachable design
  • Audience targeted menu (employees, businesses, restaurants)
  • 3 ways to get food for the team (delivery, pop up and catering)
  • Easy to navigate and learn about what the company is about
  • Contact/chat pop-up for customer service


  • Need to sign up first to see the restaurants, did not get a chance to review that section
  • When you go to the catering section, looks like a different website
  • App download should be more prominent
  • Design and interaction could be more slick

My Project

Conversational Food Order App

  • A conversational based app where the user will be able to order food through a chatbot.
  • The user will create a profile with business location, credit card number, dietary preference, allergies prior to ordering so the bot knows your preference. This will allow users to customize their orders easily and then can retrieve old orders easily if they want to order in the future.
  • I think a Conversational app to order food will be ideal for an office because people are usually either at their desk or out in meetings so having an app that is quick and efficient is needed.
  • Messenger apps are common in the workplaces so having a food Conversational app that can either be independent of/or integrated with common apps like Slack or Facebook Messenger would be ideal. It would be efficient because the employee can just pull up the app while they are working and quickly chat to order a meal.

User Flow