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List of QB’s drafted while Mike Lombardi was working for a team, including his position on the staff:

49ers (Scout 1984–1987)

1985 — Scott Barry (6th)

1987 — John Paye (10th)

Browns (Scout 1987–1989)

1988 — Steve Slayden (12th)

Browns (Pro Personnel Director 1989–1993)

1990 — Clemente Gordon (11th)

1992 — Keith McCant (12th)

Browns (Director of Player Personnel 1993–1996)

1995 — Eric Zeier (3rd)

Eagles (consulted on draft in 1997, Director of Pro Personnel 1998)

1997 — Koy Detmer (7th, draft he was specifically hired to consult on)

-Note that Donovan McNabb was drafted in 1999 the year after Mike left.

Raiders (Senior Personnel Executive 1998–2007)

2001 — Marques Tuiasosopo (2nd)

2005 — Andrew Walter (3rd)

2007 — JaMarcus Russell (1st)

Browns (GM and VP of Player Personnel 2013–2014)

2014 — Johnny Manziel (1st, note that Mike had been replaced by Farmer before the draft, so it’s difficult to tell how much influence his scouting, analysis etc. would have had on any internal player rankings.)

Patriots (Assistant to coaching staff 2014–2016)

2014 — Jimmy Garoppolo (2nd, see note above for why I’m including two 2014 teams for Mike)

2016 — Jacoby Brissett (3rd)

This list I think really speaks to Mike’s ability to spot and draft franchise-altering QBs.

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