3 unique party ideas

Everybody loves a good party, as it gives us the opportunity to let our hair down, celebrate certain occasions, get together with family or friends and maybe have the odd drink. Unfortunately, some social gatherings or functions tend to be rather boring due to a lack of imagination or creativity.

And even those that make the effort to have a theme or fancy dress usually pick something that has been done a million times before. Some might appreciate the fact they don’t need to buy another outfit for just one event, but everybody else wants to be amused and entertained with something different.

So, with this in mind, here are some unique party ideas from King of the Booth, which are sure to go down a treat with your guests.

Movie night

Hosting a movie night in the local cinema probably won’t go down well with the rest of the audience, but recreating this scene at home can make for a great party. This is perfect for both children and adults too, as the number of potential movies is vast.

If you’ve got the resources and the weather allows, think about setting up a big screen in your garden. Lay out beanbags or cushions, put up some lighting to set the mood and remember the blankets in case anybody gets cold.

You might want to pick a film genre theme so guests can dress up as their favourite character or actor. But if you think your attendees won’t be that entertained by watching a movie, put on a sing-a-long musical and get everyone involved instead.

Video game get-together

Video games cause several arguments in countless households up and down the country. However, a video game get-together can be incredibly fun for both young and old.

The majority of today’s consoles feature motion-sensing technology, which enables players to control and interact with games via body gestures and spoken commands. Therefore, your guests will be up and out of their seats rather than just staring blankly at a screen for hours on end.

Again, you can ask everyone to dress up according to the type of games you choose to play. Just try to keep tabs on those getting a bit too excited or overly competitive, as it could all end in tears.

Photo party

Last but not least, we had to include a photo party on our list of unique ideas. Some people aren't that fond of being caught on camera, but these individuals can always be behind the lens rather than in front of it.

Get people to bring their smartphones or cameras and come up with a hashtag on the night so people can share their snaps on social media for everyone to see.

And of course, a photo party wouldn’t be complete without hiring our booth. Guests can enjoy unlimited visits, dress up in silly hats or oversized glasses and access all the photos on a personal online gallery. Photobooth hire comes inclusive of delivery, setup and collection within 50 miles of our base too.

For more party inspiration check out the blog at Essex based King Of The Booth today to get your party off with a bang!

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