Does gold plating damage an iPhone?

Ever since its initial release in 2007, the Apple iPhone has grown in popularity and prominence. Today, it is one of the most desirable, stylish and capable smartphones available on the market.

This is thanks to an aesthetically pleasing design, impressive hardware specifications and an accomplished operating system. Even so, there are many people that aren’t satisfied by these commendable characteristics and want to improve their iPhone to a greater extent.

While obvious modifications include “jailbreaking” the software or buying a case, another option is much more noticeable aesthetically.

What is gold plating?

A gold plated iPhone is fairly self-explanatory, but the process of making this possible is rather difficult.

First of all, an iPhone will be stripped bare of all its components. This is an incredibly complex and demanding job, which should only be carried out by those who know what they are doing. Once complete, the back casing can be prepared for gold plating.

This involves polishing the casing to ensure the surface is totally clean, as particles may cause imperfections when the gold plating is applied. After this, it is possible to apply the gold plating, which involves the use of different liquid solutions, electric currents and water for washing.

Polish is applied once again to create a shiny finish, but this also helps the gold to set and makes it more durable against damage. Finally, it is time to put everything back together again, which requires near-surgical precision and a very steady hand.

Will gold plating damage an iPhone?

Due to the technical nature of taking an iPhone apart and then applying gold plating, there is an element of risk involved. However, if the process is carried out meticulously and to an incredibly high standard, then your iPhone will not be damaged.

For this reason, it is crucial to choose a gold plating provider that has lots of experience and some sort of warranty or guarantee. That way, you can rest assured your iPhone will be returned in fully working order but look even more stunning and spectacular than before.

Where can you get a gold plated iPhone?

With lots of experience and an expert team, Gold Status are well positioned to gold plate any iPhone. What’s more, its attention to detail and commitment to customers is second to none.

In addition to providing customers with a certificate of authenticity, any new product sold by Gold Status includes a one-year hardware warrantee and a two-year guarantee on plating. What’s more, if the finished product does not meet expectations, the finish will be scrapped and started over again, as only the very best will do.

Gold Status utilises some of the best technical advances in technology such as ultrasonics and eductor nozzle agitation to gold plate iPhones. On top of that, it bakes on a clear coat of protective lacquer to prevent scratches and scuffing. It is fair to say no other company goes to such extreme lengths for the customer.

For more details about its gold plating services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Gold Status today.

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