New social media networks are best to gain traction for your community

When doing social media management and online marketing, the size of your community is definitely one of the best indicator of how well you are performing. Social networks have been and continue to be used by marketers to sell and advertise their ideas.

Early social networks

For a long period in the early stages of social networking Facebook was the best platform to reach people. Many sites have since come up and many companies try to use Instagram, Vine or Snapchat for marketing. Marketers now use these lesser known and newer social media networks for promotions. These networks are more concise on the target audience and not just numbers. The popularity of the new sites is growing very rapidly and overtaking older platforms. Information posted on these new social sites is available for viewing for a limited time thus reduce monotony in marketing and create interesting content for users.

Snapchat is currently the third most popular social site and app with a popularity of 32.9% among US Millennial after Facebook and Instagram. It targets mostly the young population with an average age of 18 years compared to Facebook’s average of 40 years. It has an average of 200 million monthly users and is the fastest growing app and is worth $10 billion. 70% of college students post on Snapchat at least once every day. This popularity made it especially interesting for social media marketers.

Vine, launched by twitter in 2013 allows you to share 6-second long videos. Three weeks after its launch users captured 100,000 videos. Many huge brands like MTV Style and Adidas used vine to market within two months after launch. These social apps are used to get likes and subscriptions.

Questlooper has now changed this phase of social marketing. It gets you the physical presence of customers. The promise of Questlooper is that it will essentially transform marketing and get sales. The app is very useful when your community comprises of people from the locality of your business such as restaurant and local venues. Through, your company will be able to create quests to educate people about your business and have fun. At the completion of a quest the people taking the challenge get a discount on your product or services. You therefore get to make a sale after perfectly creating awareness of your product or services.

The app and webpage

Questlooper is a webpage and a mobile app. The webpage is for businesses to manage their quests. Here a business owner or social media manager can post a challenge or quest for customers to take part in and use iBeacons to interact with the users.

The users of the mobile app are customers of the venues/businesses. The users use the app to find quests or challenges to take part in. there are different types of quests. Some require you to go to different places and in the end get a reward. In other quests you buy something and enjoy discounts on the purchase. Simply put it is foursquare and comes with rewards.

Do you have the app?

Questlooper is currently available in stealth mode and invite only awaiting launch. The influencers have got it and are using it. The results are outstanding and social marketing is headed to a huge transformation. Do you have an invite for this great app?

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