It’s advised(but no longer required) to use the 20% rule on Facebook Advertising.
Well, apparently, somebody didn’t get the memo.

Today we are going to talk about a topic dreaded by many and loved by few.

Video banner ads.

Picture this:

You are browsing a web page, maybe looking for some answers or just reading an article, and suddenly, a wild in-banner video ad appears. To be honest, you probably didn’t even notice it from the first time because of the banner blindness condition we all developed.

However, this banner was special. It was probably a retargeting campaign so you were obviously interested. You probably watched the whole thing and you clicked on the banner to read more.

The question…

Alrighty guys, there’s a new year ahead of us, so let’s start it the right way.

Marketing trends are changing way too often, so here’s a list of tools that you may want to use this year to stay ahead of the competition.

1. Ahrefs

According to this study, the consumption of soda and sugary drinks may lead to an estimated 184,000 adult deaths each year worldwide.

  • 133,000 deaths from diabetes
  • 45,000 deaths from cardiovascular disease
  • 6,450 deaths from cancer

Now that’s a fun way to start an article.

Unfortunately, that’s the truth and when you see this kind of numbers, you understand why their advertising budget grow exponentially. Just like the Tobacco industry, you have to invest lots and lots of money to make something unhealthy look appealing.

To get a better understanding of how much money the Soft Drink industry spends on paid…

Andrei Tiburca

Marketing Manager @Teamweek, Editor @WebDesignLedger and contributor @TheNextWeb

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