Technology: The Gateway to a Global Community

Throughout history the role of new technology has always been instrumental towards developing a global community. From cave paintings, to newspapers, to the internet: every major technological breakthrough since the beginning of history has assisted in merging communities, communicating cultures, and dispersing information. Since the late 20th century, however, that process has been exponentially expedited.

Global community, n. — (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the people or nations of the world, considered as being closely connected by modern telecommunications and as being economically, socially, and politically interdependent

Before proceeding, I will further delve into the ubiquitous contemporary term that is a ‘global community’. A global community is synonymous with a society in which anyone, regardless of location, ethnicity, language, or religion can connect with anyone else. I am, of course, not the only person to disseminate this concept, there has been (and will be) many others.

Star Trek, for instance, is modelled on the idea that the world came together as a single community. In the fantasy series, when mankind made first contact with an alien race, and realized that they were not alone in the universe, it caused an upheaval of old ideas and “brought the human race together in a way no one thought possible.” Transitioning into reality, TicTalking is an app designed to connect people based on interests, allowing them to transcend many of the aforementioned boundaries of dialectic capabilities and geographic situation. Thus, a global community is not by any means an innovative concept in 2016, but for the first time, perhaps an attainable one.

The specific point in which world connectivity began its rise to daily prominence is perhaps unclear. However, it would be well founded to designate the origins of its global manifestation to the invention and implementation of the internet. The internet has become a vessel to share ideas, connect with people, and discover new things all across the globe. The internet gave rise to social media, which has consequently become an essential facet of our lives. Social media is the primary tool through which each global citizen is bestowed a voice. Social media platforms offer as a means of culminating one’s own virtual portfolio of ideas, comments, and opinions. As the rate of technological innovation continues to climb higher and higher, we can expect developments towards a global community to climb alongside it. I won’t pretend to know exactly what the future holds, but what I can say, with a considerable amount of certainty, is that we will be seeing the world get smaller and smaller (as populations paradoxically continue to multiply) and maybe we will see a global community in our lifetime.

Torsten Schultz
Edited by: Aleya Dwivedi

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