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What is TicTalking?

A mobile app designed to connect interesting people around the world.

TicTalking translates multiple languages in real-time, around a common interest for a global understanding.

Explore, discover and connect with people and communities based on your unique interests.

Why use TicTalking?

TicTalking features interactive conversation bubbles connecting users based on their passions and opinions — building more meaningful conversations.

People, Conversations, and Communities based on your personal interests.

How to start TicTalking?

The app is tailored for you based on what you love.

Download, choose your interests, and start TicTalking.

Find TicTalking on the Google PlayStore or the iOS AppStore and start connecting with an entire new world of possibilities.

Explore the world through your interests and rally around your passions through the many communities within the app. If one isn’t there already, you have the power to create and curate your own. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to help change the world or share how your last 5km run went — there’s a community and/or conversation waiting for you.

Integrated and automatic language translation enables seamless connection between people regardless of language or location — no longer are people isolated based on linguistic or geographic barriers.

A world of digital travel. Our Story is a story of connection. It is our mission to Connect Interesting People Everywhere. TicTalking is about discovery, connectivity and hope. Human curiosity drives our need to connect with others. Multi-language translation capabilities around a common interest — for a global understanding.

Who are we?

Based out of Victoria, BC on the sunny west coast of Vancouver Island, Canada; TicTalking was conceived by visionary founder Doug Campbell in 2013 through his desire to connect. Having pen-pals as a kid, global connectivity was always an important facet of his being. Doug saw the potential to merge technological capabilities with interest based optimism to facilitate connections with ‘people you didn’t know you wanted to know’ and in the process create what he refers to as Digital Empathy.


What’s to come?

We are constantly improving user experience by integrating innovative and engaging tools. Be sure to stay tuned for exciting upcoming features;

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TicTalking is a Vancouver Island based startup — Connecting Interesting People Everywhere

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