What Truly Scares Me

If you haven’t noticed by now, the media and nation’s elite have missed the boat on the 2016 Election. They simply don’t get it. Huffington Post put Donald Trump stories in the entertainment section when he announced, declaring to us from their Ivory Towers that Trump’s candidacy was not legitimate.

But we knew.

Pundits from every major news site have said Trump:

  1. …Couldn’t compete for the nomination (Wrong)
  2. … Couldn’t actually hold the lead (Wrong)
  3. …Might hold a lead, but would never — and I mean never — get above 25% in a poll (Wrong)
  4. …Couldn’t win over evangelicals (Wrong)
  5. …Only garnered support from racist rednecks (Wrong)
  6. …Might win NH, but couldn’t win in a narrowed field (Wrong)

In short, they’ve been wrong on just about every Trump angle since June. Meanwhile, the heart of this country has signaled their distrust and dissatisfaction with our political status quo by voting Trump to massive victories in New Hampshire and South Carolina. Trump currently has a 20-point lead in Nevada, which hosts its primary on Tuesday.

Nevertheless, the pundits are scrambling to spin this revolution and find new ways to write Trump off. Surely, now with Bush out and Carson soon to follow, Marco Rubio will take the reigns and restore justice and sanity to our political landscape. Yawn.

One common go-to line for pundits — particularly those on the left — is that Trump is not only a bad candidate, he is dangerous, as in Hitler-level fascist capable of plunging our country into World War III.

The most recent perpetrator of this argument is Vox’s Ezra Klein, who recently produced this “heroic” video:

In the video, Klein calls Trump downright dangerous, and cites his reasons for believing so:

  1. Led Obama Birther Movement
  2. “Called Mexicans rapists and killers…”
  3. Said Megyn Kelly had “blood coming out of her eyes… blood coming out of her wherever.”
  4. Called for a temporary shutdown of Muslim immigration to US
  5. Trump said Putin was “at least a leader” and made a joke about hating the press
  6. “Thinks for Americans to win (on immigration)… others must lose.”
  7. Repeated the word “Pussy” at a rally
  8. Trump is a “racist…sexist…demagogue…narcissist…bully…dilettante”
  9. Trump has an extreme lack of shame

This has been repeated often, despite the credible refutations of most of these points (I.E. Trump didn’t call all Mexicans rapists, he said some were… and our 100,000+ backlogged DHS illegal immigrant criminal cases shows he’s right).

Nevertheless, opponents press on, arguing, “Where there is smoke… there’s fire.”

In this way, it doesn’t matter if Trump is actually a fascist demagogue or not. What matters is the sheer mass of evidence to support the claim. In typical leftist form, narrative is paramount to the truth.

But the unintended side effect of this thinking is that defining Trump’s scariness by the arbitrary “smoke” you see from him ultimately creates a barometer that exonerates him when compared to the other candidates running.

You’ve seen Klein’s carefully compiled list of reasons Trump is scary. Now examine the list of reasons for why the other candidates are scary, and then draw your own conclusions on whom you fear most:


  1. Honeymooned in Communist USSR… and kept a Soviet flag in his office for a long time
  2. Did not explicitly denounce a 90% tax rate
  3. Once wrote an essay that said, “A man goes home and masturbates his typical fantasy. A woman on her knees, a woman tied up, a woman abused…a woman enjoys intercourse with her man — as she fantasizes being raped by 3 men simultaneously.”
  4. Said “you don’t need 18 different choices of sneakers when children are going hungry.”
  5. Has a current platform that will add $19 TRILLION DOLLARS to our Country’s $18 Trillion debt
  6. Claims to be a political outsider… yet has been a senator for 27 years
  7. Claims to be the leader of a political revolution… yet only has written 3 laws in his career as a Senator… and two renamed post offices
  8. Has spoken warmly of Fidel Castro and his policies…
  9. Has called for the prosecution of Exxon Mobil for producing information skeptical of climate change

Candidate A is of course Bernie Sanders.


  1. Alleged to be the “ORIGINAL BIRTHER” in regards to Barack Obama
  2. Is currently under 3 separate federal investigations
  3. Was Secretary of State when the US Embassy in Benghazi was attacked and four people lost their lives
  4. Told family members of the dead that a youtube video was to blame for the attack, despite email evidence that revealed her prior knowledge of the real reasons
  5. Put a CIA informant’s life at risk by keeping her emails — many highly classified — on a private server
  6. Claims to be a women’s rights advocate, yet led a “Bimbo Squad” that worked to silence and intimidate the sexual assault accusers of her current husband
  7. Stood by and laughed as Madeline Albright said there was “a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women” at one of her rallies…
  8. Secretary of State when the ISIS grew 4400%
  9. Supported the Iran Deal
  10. Negotiated with Terrorists
  11. Allied with the Muslim Brotherhood
  12. Allowed for Increase Russian Aggression on Global Scale
  13. Helped Contribute to Chaos in Yemen
  14. Refuses to publish her transcripts to Goldman Sachs speeches she gave, despite her insistence that she’s hard on the big banks
  15. Foreign Governments have given MILLIONS to her “Foundation”
  16. Her and Her Husband have made $153 MILLION in speaking fees — she got rich in office and richer when she left

Candidate B is of course Hillary Clinton.


  1. Is notorious for having “no friends” in congress
  2. Colleagues have said he’s “obsessed” with capital punishment
  3. Recently spoke at a rally where a fellow speaker called for the “Death of Gays”
  4. Passionately stood with Kim Davis
  5. “He proudly proclaimed that we needed “100 more senators like Jesse Helms” — a racist who opposed the Civil Rights Act…”
  6. Is STRONGLY against same-sex marriage
  7. Doesn’t believe in a separation of church and state
  8. Never managed a team bigger than 10 people
  9. Is criticized on the campaign trail for being a habitual liar
  10. Has zero substantive accomplishments

Candidate C is Ted Cruz.


  1. Ran for senate on an anti-immigration policy… and immediately turned his back on constituents by helping to author the Gang of 8 Bill
  2. “When ____ was majority whip of the Florida House of Representatives, he used his official position to urge state regulators to grant a real estate license to his brother-in-law, a convicted cocaine trafficker who had been released from prison 20 months earlier.”
  3. “…Intermingled campaign money with (his) personal money. (He) faced foreclosure on a second home that (He) bought. And just last year, (He) liquidated a $68,000 retirement fund.”
  4. Never led a team of more than 12 people
  5. Never held a private sector job
  6. A one term senator who has one of — if not the worst voting records in congress
  7. Notorious for “clerical errors” when it came to government issued credit cards
  8. Double-billed taxpayers for eight flights as Speaker of the Florida House. Admitted to this and repaid the government $3,000
  9. Scandals for misused funds in “political committees” he ran
  10. Though he initially denied it, email records showed he was a major proponent of a lavish $48 Million courthouse renovation in Florida
  11. Close ties to David Rivera — who is currently embroiled in multiple state AND federal investigations for misusing campaign funds

Candidate D is Marco Rubio.

While all of the smoke attached to these candidates may not actually produce legitimate fire, the sheer volume of scary attributes should give voters pause.

So I have to ask you, who do you fear the most?

Who is the most truly scary to you?

What worries you more, federal investigations, silencing rape victims, cozying up to communist regimes, or calling someone a pussy?

I don’t want to make the decision for you. I just want to encourage you to think twice the next time you call Donald Trump “dangerous.”

Donald Trump is a whole new political beast we’ve never seen before in a presidential campaign. He’s brash, he’s loud, and he’s often not politically correct. You can criticize him for whatever you’d like, just remember to bring substance when you do it.

Because the whole where there’s smoke, there’s fire argument that you’re sharing on social media — the one that insinuates Trump is Hitler — is truly a bad look for you.

Labeling Trump a fascist isn’t the first time the pundits have been wrong this cycle, but what scares me - what truly scares me - is that it won’t be the last.