Why We Support Trump- He is our Best Shot in the General

This needs to be said to my conservative friends ready to go down with the ship in the name of principle.

I love this country too much to let that happen.

I know the world is a better place when America is leading it. It is a City on a Hill. I also know that the greatest threat to its continuation as a global leader is the agenda of the Democratic Party. Period. Stopping the Democratic Machine should be the collective mission of the GOP this election.

We took the high road in 2008, we listened to our party elites who knew what was best for us, and Barack Obama wiped the floor with John McCain. In response, we took the high road in 2012, we listened to our party elites who knew what was best for us, and Barack Obama wiped the floor with Mitt Romney. Then we listened to our party elites beg for a congressional majority so we could take back our country.

If that majority were firmly in the tank for Obama, I can’t see how they would’ve acted any differently. This is what has happened in the last 10 years because of the conservative movement’s insistence on purism:

  • ISIS has grown 4400%
  • Libya is in shambles
  • Iran is a rising global power
  • Russia acts with impunity on the global stage
  • Iraq is worse off that before the Iraq War (longest in US History)
  • Afghanistan is a total mess
  • Egypt is a mess
  • Syria is a disaster zone
  • A refugee crisis is crippling Europe
  • European Socialism is now a VIABLE option in America:
  • Obamacare is failing (shocker)
  • Jobs continue to be shipped overseas
  • Bernie Sanders
  • Possibility of Amnestying 20 million illegal immigrants + bringing in 100,000+ Syrian refugees

Please STOP telling me Trump would be “Dangerous” for the country. Where have you been the last 8+ years? What have you done??

You may not like the rhetoric of Trump, or some of the things he says. Fine. But hear me when I say we must keep the democrats out of the oval office. This is the only thing that matters. Since 1928–88 years — the GOP hasn’t won a general election without a Bush or Nixon on the ticket. We were not meant to be a monarchy. History has clearly shown the Establishment GOP is ineffectual in its primary goal of promoting conservatism on the national scale.

I am so distressed by my friends and colleagues on the right who support these establishment hacks like Jeb Bush & Marco Rubio. Too often I hear them admit it’s more important to support pure conservatism than cede ground on their values. TRUST ME - if these candidates cannot take out Donald Trump, they will get absolutely blown out in a general election. I cannot support them and watch us suffer another embarrassing general election defeat.

Do not believe what the media says about anything this election cycle. When Trump announced in June of 2015, he wasn’t even registering on the national polls. Jeb Bush was the clear frontrunner. Today he is at 44% nationally, and Jeb(!) is at 1% in Nevada. Wake up my friends — the mass of Americans are Fiscally Conservative and Socially Moderate. Foreign Policy, National Security and Economics are all that matter this cycle. Social issues are hotbed topics with little impact on the federal. Roe v Wade has been law since 1972. Gay Marriage is now the law of the land. Get over it!

This is the bottom line: for all the reasons listed above, a Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders presidency would be disastrous for our country, and perhaps mark the beginning of the end for America. We will complete our reformation into a European-style socialist country, we’ll become a weak actor on the global stage, and the world will dip into further chaos. Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt presidential candidate in my lifetime. Both will put a far left judge on the SCOTUS. WE MUST BAND TOGETHER TO STOP THEM ABOVE ALL ELSE.

This is why you must support Trump. He is the only one of the right willing to fight against the democratic party — because he fights LIKE the democratic party. He is the only one who can defeat Hillary or Bernie. Ted Cruz’s social stances are WAY too far right to ever actually challenge in a general election. No one in the senate likes him. Marco Rubio was destroyed on a debate stage in five minutes by Chris Christie. And you want us to believe he will get his act together against Hillary?? It would be a colossal gamble for us to nominate Marco, knowing what the Clinton machine is capable of, and knowing how soft Marco is when he is attacked. He will not fight like Trump. Period. I am not going down with the Rubio ship in a general either. Donald Trump is dominating these other GOP candidates. The establishment has had 9 months to consolidate behind one, and THEY KNOW none are qualified, so they’re still split. If one of these guys can’t even come close to competing with Trump, then we have no business acting like they will compete for the general.

Too much is on the line this time. The fate of our nation stands in the balance. Pragmatism over Purism. Trump is the MOST CONSERVATIVE candidate that can win the general. And that is all that matters.

And do not try to tell me this man hasn’t laid out a conservative agenda for the country:

Trump Tax Plan: https://www.donaldjtrump.com/positions/tax-reform

Trump Immigration Plan: https://www.donaldjtrump.com/positions/immigration-reform

Trump Trade Plan: https://www.donaldjtrump.com/positions/us-china-trade-reform

Trump Guns Plan: https://www.donaldjtrump.com/positions/second-amendment-rights

Trump VA Reform Plan: https://www.donaldjtrump.com/positions/veterans-administration-reforms