Is Adidas Cool Again?

Published on February 03, 2016

$ADDYY $Adidas+Boost $Adidas+Superstar

The latest data from TickerTags provides some surprising insight into the booming popularity of a pair of adidas AG (ADR: ADDYY) product lines.

TickerTags monitors social media sites to identify trends by searching for words or phrases that are found together in social media content, such as tweets.

In the past 18 months, Twitter mentions of adidas Yeezy Boost shoes, sponsored by Kanye West, have accelerated rapidly

Since Yeezy Boost is a somewhat limited production, the popularity of the brand may not have much of an impact on adidas’ bottom line. However, TickerTags also found that the company’s more mass produced shoe brand SuperStar is also gaining some major social media momentum.

With A-list celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid tweeting about SuperStar, adidas may soon be the center of a major fashion trend.

Adidas rivals Nike Inc (NYSE: NKE) and Under Armour Inc (NYSE:UA) have ridden the trend in casual athletic wear to massive share price gains in recent years.