Tictrac Beta is becoming Health Lab

At Tictrac, user feedback underpins everything we do. There’s only one way to make great products: put new ideas in the hands of real people, get them using those ideas in the real world, and ask them their real opinions. The more we do this, the more often we do this, the better we do.

Our existing Beta product simply doesn’t support this. It’s invite-only, and it only offers features that have been agreed and tested with our corporate customers. It puts only a few new ideas in front of a few people. It limits what we can learn, because we can only beta test changes our customers are confident in — but they can only be confident in changes we’ve beta tested.

That’s why we’re replacing Tictrac Beta with Health Lab — a new platform that’s open to all, without fiddly invite codes, and that can let us experiment with more bold, more risky, more radical concepts, without affecting our existing clients.

So what’s changing?

Logging in to Health Lab today, things will still seem similar to our other products. You won’t see exactly the same content — much of that is exclusive to our customers — but the basic functionality, layout and behaviour will all be familiar.

But Health Lab is more than a reskin. Very soon, you’ll begin to see new, experimental features and substantial UX changes that won’t exist elsewhere, and the product overall will change much more quickly than before.

Our hope is that our early adopters and fans amongst the public will enjoy seeing the things we have in mind, and will keep sharing their valuable feedback and suggestions. It’s their insight and support that have helped take us where we are today, and we believe it’s only right they get the earliest look at changes we’re thinking of making to their apps. Our product belongs to them just as much as us.

I’d like to try Health Lab out myself. How do I sign up?

You can join by either signing up on Health Lab or by downloading our Android or iOS apps.

From there it’s a simple matter of providing an email and a password. We’ll ask a few questions about you and your health goals, and then you’re ready to get started!

Once you’re using the app, we’d really appreciate your thoughts and feelings about the product. We will eagerly watch for feedback sent to our Twitter profile, Facebook page or feedback email box.

What’s the bigger picture?

Tictrac’s mission is to change the way people take care of themselves, by giving them the information to make informed choices about their lives. But raw data — a forest of numbers, data points and percentages, flooding the screen — is meaningless, overwhelming, and un-human. It’s usability, context and relevance — it’s design — that turns dumb data into smart insights. With continuous user feedback — from Health Lab — we can learn to do that faster than ever before.

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