15 Video Games We Want Thanks to #E32015

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As a family we watch as many of the live conference E3 events as we can with the available Internet data we have allotted to us. It’s always nice to find out about the latest updates that Sony and Microsoft are doing with their systems. This year Microsoft made an announcement that all XBOX One game systems are going to be backwards compatible (meaning you can play Xbox 360 games on it too.) I was thrilled to hear that. Sony announced their new Project Morpheus virtual headset. These games caught our eyes during the #E32015 event.

Horizon Zero Dawn

No Man’s Sky

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Star Wars


Dishonored 2

Fallout 4 with Pip Boy

Halo 5



Mad Max

Xenoblade Chronicles

FireWatch — Coming Soon

Tacoma — Coming Soon

Which video game (s) are you and your family looking forward to getting?

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Originally published at www.tidbitsofexperience.com on June 22, 2015.

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