How to fill in the form of “TideBit Users Enjoy 50+ HKX Reward” campaign

Sep 17, 2018 · 3 min read

“TideBit Users Enjoy 50+ HKX Reward” campaign consists of New user Reward and Referral Reward. This article will help you to get FREE 50 HKX. You need to meet two requirements:

  1. Process and complete KYC successfully;
  2. Fill in this form correctly.

Figure 1: Please click, you will enter the form.

Figure 1

Figure 2: Please fill in the empty spaces as the sample given

Figure 2

Figure 3A:Please input your HKX address on TideBit account.

Please follow me:Step 1-Login into you TideBit account ,find “Blockchain Assets”, then click “Transfer in ” button besides HKX.

Figure 3A

Figure 3B: Step 2-On “HKX Transfer-in” page , copy your address.

Figure 3B

Figure 3C:Step 3-Carefully input your HKX address at correct space on the form.

Figure 3C

Figure 4A:Please fill in your Facebook information as sample below

Figure 4A

Figure4B: What is your Facebook username?

Figure 4B

Figure 4C: What is TideBit Facebook “Liked”page?

Figure 4C

Figure 5: Fill your Telegram information as sample given below.

Figure 5

Figure 5B: What is your Telegram username?

Figure 5B

Figure 5C:Telegram screenshort.

Figure 5C

Figure 6: Please remember to write your friends email address ,there is no limitation on numbers of friends you want to invite.Remember to click “submit ”.

Figure 6

IF you want to know more about “Refer A friend” campaign ,please click the link:, tutorial:

Figure 7: If you have any more question, please contact us at hello@tidebit .com.

Figure 7

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