How to transfer in cryptocurrency to your TideBit account?

Transfer BTC\ETH\NEO\XPA\CBT to your TideBit account

If you would like to trade cryptocurrencies on TideBit, you need to transfer them into your TideBit account first.

Figure 1: Login TideBit and click “Transfer in” in the “Blockchain Assets” box near the cryptocurrency.

Take BTC as an example, you will find your BTC transfer-in address here. Different cryptocurrency requires similar procedures.

Figure 1

Figure 2: This is your BTC address on TideBit account. You can take it as the recipient address to receive BTC. It is free to transfer in cryptocurrency to TideBit.

Figure 2

Figure 3: You can check the amount you transferred in in the “Blockchain Assets” box after a few mins later.

Figure 3

Figure4: You can also check the amount in the “Transfer Records”.

Figure 4

Figure 5: If you have some questions about cryptocurrency transfer in, please feel free to contact us with

Figure 5