How to transfer in funds to your TideBit account?

  1. Transfer in funds to TideBit Account

If you would like to trade cryptocurrencies on TideBit using fiat currency, you first need to transfer in funds in HKD/USD to your TideBit account. If you want to transfer in other fiat currencies such as RMB, please contact us:

Figure 1:Login TideBit and click “Accounts”

Figure 1

Figure 2:In the “Accounts” page, please click “Transfer in HKD from Bank Account” or “Transfer in USD from Bank Account” to check TideBit’s bank account details and instructions for you.

Figure 2

Figure 3A: We accept bank transfer, cheques and carrying cash to our office. Note that 2% transaction fee will be charged for Bank transfer and cheques. No transaction fee for cash transfer in by visiting our Chai Wan or Tsim Sha Tsui office.

Figure 3A

Figure 3B: Once you have finished the transfer in, please upload the receipt of the transaction in your TideBit account under “Upload Proof”.

Figure 3B

Figure 4: Fill out the information including the amount of the transfer, transfer inmethod and upload the picture of the bank payment confirmation receipt.

Figure 4

Figure 5: After submitting the transfer proof, you will see the status in the “Transfer Records” box is becomes “submitted” automatically.

Figure 5

Figure 6: It may take up to two business days for us to process your bank transfer. After we credited it for you, you can see the amount changed in the “ Fiat Currency Assets” box.

Figure 6

Figure 7: Also, the status in the “Transfer Records ”box becomes “accepted”automatically.

Figure 7

Figure 8: please notice our fee schedule at follow link

Figure 9:if you have further questions , please contact us with

Figure 9