How to transfer out cryptocurrency on TideBit?

If you want to transfer out BTC, ETH, etc. from TideBit, the steps are very simple. Every time you make a transfer , you will be charged a fee. Please refer to the end of this article for the detailed fee schedule.

Figure 1: First open “Accounts”page,click “Bound Block Blockchain Asset Transfer -out Address”.

Figure 1

Figure 2: Then, on the “Create Blockchain Assets Transfer out Address ”page, add all required details.

Figure 2

Please note: Be sure to check everything you input is correct! Otherwise, your coin may go to other people wallets and you won’t have it back!

Figure 3: After bounding your wallet address on TideBit, use the transfer out function on “Blockchain Transferring out”area.

Figure 3

Figure 4: Click the “Transfer out”,fill all the information required on that page .

Figure 4

Figure 5: After all the operations are completed, you can check the status of your transaction in the Transfer records on the “ Accounts” page, it should be submitted .

Figure 5

Figure 6:You can also cancel the operation, click on the date and time on the left .

Note: if the record turns into accepted, you will not be able to cancel the operation.

Figure 6

Figure 7: TideBit will charge you for transferring cryptocurrency, etc. Please refer to the following table for detailed fees.

More details:





EOS(EOS): 0.01ETH;



Figure 7

Figure 8:You can find Fee schedule at the bottom on each page,if you have further questions about cryptocurrency transfer-in, please contact us with

Figure 8