How to transfer out fiat currency to your TideBit account?

If you would like to transfer out fiat currency such as HKD and USD, you can make an application on TideBit website. There are two ways for fiat currencies transfer-out.

Option one: transfer out to bank account;

Figure 1: Go to “Accounts” page and add your personal bank account by clicking “Add Bank Account”.

Figure 1

Figure 2: Please fill in your bank account information correctly.

Please note that we only support Hong Kong local bank account. The account type is saving account or current account (credit card is unacceptable). For some bank, the account number does not equal to the bank card number. If you are not sure about it, please check the bank statement sent by the bank.

Figure 2

Figure 3: After submitting ,please go back to “ Accounts”page, you can see that the bank account you just bound has been added. Next, select “Transfer out to Bank Account”.

Figure 3

Figure 4: Please enter the amount you want to transfer out and submit it.

Figure 4

Take HKD for example. A processing fee of 0.1%+50 HKD will be charged for each transfer out, which will be completed in 4–6 business days. The minimum amount of transfer out is 100HKD, and the maximum amount is HK$200,000 each time. And it must be a multiple of 100.

Option two: transfer out by visiting our office.

Figure 5: You need to add the option “Chai Wan Company Walk-in Cash transfer out” first. Please go to “Accounts” page first, click “Add Bank Account”.

Figure 5

Figure 6A: Please select “Chai Wan Company Walk-in Cash transfer out” in “Add Bank Account” page.

Figure 6A

Figure 6B: Fill in the information as required.

Figure 6B

Figure 7: Go back to “Accounts” page and you will see that “Chai Wan Office Walk -in Cash transfer out ”option has been added,then click “Transfer out to Bank Account”.

Figure 7

Figure 8: Select “Chai Wan Office Walk-in Cash transfer out ”option.

Figure 8

Figure 9: On the “Accounts” page,when you see the status under “Transfer Records” changes to “processing”, you can pick up cash at our Chai Wan office. Usually,you are welcome to pick it up on the next business day.

Figure 9

Then, you can go to our Chaiwan Office with your ID card/passport next day.

Figure 10: Each transaction fee is 0.1%+50HKD或0.1%+5USD.

Figure 10

Figure 11: If you have any questions about how to transfer out cash, please contact us at

Figure 11