TideBit ranks among the Top 25 Safest Exchange in the World

ICORating released its Exchange Security Report. They assessed over 100 of the world’s popular digital assets exchange based on user security, domain, registrar security, web security, and DoS protection. According to the report, TideBit ranks among the top 25 safest digital asset exchange in the world. Our ranking is much better than the famous exchanges such as Binance (34th), OKEx (59th) and Huobi (95th). TideBit ranked in third place behind BitMEX (4th), Bitfinex (35th) among the exchanges headquartered in Hong Kong.

TideBit scored 8.75 out of 10 for Web Security, which is higher than Binance, OKEx (7/10) and Huobi (4.83/10), and we got full marks on defending DoS attack.


Full report: Exchange Security Report by ICORating

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17 Jan 2018