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Tide and Layer3 are both web3 marketing and quest platforms. They help you create engagement and traffic around your product. Specifically they focus on fostering authentic on-chain engagement for web3 dApps.

Tide is the data-driven, web3-native way to acquire and retain valuable users. Not only its permissionless Campaign builder allows you to directly incentivize protocol-level actions, it is also built to find out more about your users via on-chain data.

How is Tide different from Layer3?

Generally speaking, both Layer3 and Tide offer web3 native campaigns but they significantly differ in the approach and vision adopted to empower web3 dApps growth:

  • Layer3 is a dApp discovery platform, mainly designed around learning experiences for new web3 users, requesting them to familiarize with projects, answering quizzes and doing on-chain activities, and growing their reputation inside Layer3 ecosystem.
    A global leaderboard and an internal XPs system keeps the Layer3 community engaged through gamification. In practice, Layer3 is one of the leader source of traffic in web3 and collaborates with very big names in the spaces (hats off).
  • Tide focuses on data-driven, personalized, self-service campaigns, specifically designed to incentivize web3 actions that matters for projects. Tide filters new users and focuses on targeting only those with a certified on-chain activity. Moreover, Tide provides a sleek and user-friendly analytics suite to measure the true impact of growth initiatives on protocol activity (including those executed on external platforms). Finally, unlike Layer 3, Tide is permissionless and boasts an incredibly intuitive campaign builder to spin up next-gen on-chain campaigns, such as Soulbound referral programs, within minutes.


Tide core strengths

Self-service and freemium

  • Tide does not charge based on campaigns launched nor users’ mints. Launching campaigns on Tide is free. We adopt a very simple model: we offer diferent subscription plans to better match the various customers’ needs and provide access to different platform features, such as the analytics suite and, for enterprise-grade customers, even custom campaigns (e.g. Dynamic soulbound passport). Unlike Layer3, Tide is more focused on building an embeddable marketing technology and does not offer promotional nor design services.

Tracking on-chain conversion events

  • Tide makes it simple for projects to motivate and prioritize growth that matters, or in other words, protocol usage. With our Campaign Builder, users can effortlessly define on-chain actions by simply copying and pasting the smart-contract addresses.

Soulbound referrals

  • Tide referrals are an effective way to acquire active web3 users. Implementing a GMX-style referral system has never been so easy thanks to Tide SDK. Referrers simply claim a soulbound that collects points according to the activity generated on-chain by the invited users.
  • Referrals are an excellent system to see whether KOLs are bringing results and growing a base of evangelist users or to incentivize the usage of a specific dApp or feature of a product.

Sybil protection specifically for DeFi

Ov3rKoalafied, Head of BD at Alchemix: “Anti-Sybil mechanisms set Tide apart from other platforms we considered”

Allowlists are a targeting and Sybil protection mechanism

Analytics and Performance Suite

  • Tide performance analytics suite stands alone in its ability to track any contract on EVM chains, providing specific metrics like active users and protocols retention, while uncovering the true impact of growth initiatives on your dApp.
  • Furthermore, Tide offers comprehensive wallet-level data, encompassing the dApps being utilized by users, tokens held, and an array of other valuable insights.

Customer-centric vision

  • Tide wants to be a source of qualified traffic. Moreover, we believe that web3 brings a 100x improvement in engagement — that’s why we are working with a few design partner projects to offer data-driven quests in their dApps. Our main goal is not bootstrapping a community of users around Tide, but provide projects with the frontier of web3 marketing technology and equipe them with all the necessary tools to properly engage their communities.
  • While Tide’s primary focus is on technology, we go the extra mile by providing continuous support to our clients throughout their journey with our product. This means we’re readily available to hop on a call with projects, addressing any questions or resolving issues that may arise.
  • As an illustration, Tide offers complimentary consultations to comprehend your requirements and assist in implementing the most effective growth program for your web3 solution. This is crucial because devising a successful campaign to onboard authentic users in web3 can be intricate, particularly when incentives come into play.

Layer3 Main Strengths


Layer3 offers a superior gamification mechanism with the goal to maximize user retention. They present a general leaderboard that fuels friendly competition among users as they accumulate XP points through quest participation. It is then possible for them to unlock “achievement badges” granting exclusive rewards.

This gamification approach has helped Layer3 in establishing itself as a leader when it comes to web3 traffic acquisition.

Yet, Tide on-chain research lead to conclude that a quest marketplace approach is not the best solution to onboard authentic power users on a dApp.

User Experience

Layer3 offers a great platform to launch learning initiatives to onboard new web3 users by getting them familiar with various dApps.

Their top notch UX makes it easy for newcomers to explore the web3 world, providing a pleasant interface that ensures a seamless journey of discovery.

The frontier of web3 marketing

Tide is the next-gen marketing and analytics suite for web3 projects to acquire and retain valuable users.

  • A quest engine that supports the tracking of sophisticated on-chain actions (currently live);
  • A CRM / performance marketing dashboard to know CAC, LTV and ROI of campaigns and iterate (currently live) on those data;
  • An on-chain referral campaign (currently live), where soulbound tokens are used to help projects reaching out to new users through their most loyal advocates.
  • [Redacted] — coming end of summer

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