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Tide and RabbitHole are both web3 marketing and quest platforms. They help you generate activity on your product. Specifically, they focus on fostering authentic on-chain engagement for web3 dApps and distribute incentives efficiently.

Tide is the data-driven, web3-native way to acquire and retain users. Not only its permissionless Campaign builder allows you to directly incentivize protocol-level actions, it is also built to find out more about your users via on-chain data.

How is Tide different from RabbiHole?

Both RabbitHole and Tide offer web3 native campaigns, a permissionless campaign builder and focus on incentivizing on-chain actions. Despite all the surface similarities that may be apparent, upon delving deeper, these two products diverge in various aspects:

  • According to RabbitHole founder, quests are much more than marketing campaigns. RabbitHole views quests as a means to efficiently distribute targeted airdrops to users who complete on-chain tasks. The primary objective is to address the inefficiencies and flaws in current incentives distribution models. Furthermore, for RabbithHole, gamification and social media interactions are not considered to be value added mechanisms in web3. Instead, they focus on Sybil protection mechanisms to further improve the efficiency of reward distribution processes.
  • Tide believes every team has different marketing goals, from go-to market necessities to airdrops allocations, but they all need a platform to easily spin-up efficient and successful growth investments.
    Tide aims to provide dApps with all the necessary tools to properly engage their communities with a data-driven and personalized approach. For this reason, Tide is focusing on developing next-gen growth programs incentivizing on-chain activity.


Tide core strengths

No-code on-chain actions builder:

In the domain of automated on-chain action monitoring, both RabbitHole and Tide stand as prominent participants. However, only Tide allows to define and track any on-chain event with effortless precision through the simple act of copying and pasting contrat addresses.

Soulbound referrals

  • Tide referrals are an effective way to acquire active web3 users. Implementing a GMX-style referral system has never been so easy thanks to Tide SDK. Referrers simply claim a soulbound that collects points according to the activity generated on-chain by the invited users.
  • Referrals are an excellent system to see whether KOLs are bringing results and growing a base of evangelist users or to incentivize the usage of a specific dApp or feature of a product.

Sybil protection specifically for DeFi

  • Tide pioneered custom allowlists for gating campaigns to specific wallet audiences based on holdings and / or on-chain history and also offers Sybil protection mechanisms.
    By adopting this approach, wallets interacting with Tide have 20x better balance than wallets interacting with other quest marketplace platforms.

Ov3rKoalafied, Head of BD at Alchemix: “Anti-Sybil mechanisms set Tide apart from other platforms we considered

Analytics and Performance Suite

  • Tide performance analytics suite stands alone in its ability to track any contract on EVM chains, providing specific metrics like active users and protocols retention, while uncovering the true impact of growth initiatives, launched with Tide or with other growth platforms, on your dApp.
  • Furthermore, Tide offers comprehensive wallet-level data, encompassing the dApps being utilized by users, tokens held, and an array of other valuable insights.

Embeddability and Project spaces:

  • Tide offers the possibility for any whitelisted web3 product, service or business to claim their own domain on the platform. With customizable features, owners can showcase a range of information, including for example launched campaigns and the amount of community members. Furthermore, Tide makes it easy for projects to embed quests and campaigns directly on their own website. In this way, any project can reduce many frictions involved with user traffic retention.

NFT & SoulBound campaigns:

Upon completion of a Tide campaign, participants are rewarded with NFTs or soulbounds, elevating the customer experience to new heights. Not only does this create an engaging and instantaneous interaction, but it also enables precise measurement of a campaign’s impact on dApps activity.

Tide’s released NFTs can possess dynamic qualities, incorporating on-chain XP points derived from users’ predefined, modular interactions.

This innovative approach optimizes the allocation of incentives, fosters gamification mechanisms, and ignites a surge of engagement in any dApp.

RabbitHole core strengths

Great brand and traction:

RabbitHole was one of the very first web3 engagement platforms to become mainstream (hats off). They started as a learn-to-earn platform and collaborated with top-tiers projects, featuring campaigns form companies such as Uniswap and AAVE. This proven track-record established them as a trusted platform for users to interact with dApps and build a great legacy among the web3 ecosystem. They recently obtained a grant from the Optimism foundation to further experiment with quests and on-chain tasks so to learn new insights regarding reward distribtuions.

Self-service airdrop builder:

Especially in the past, incentives have too often been misallocated and exploited in web3, making airdrops an inefficient way to acquire power users. RabbitHole, aware of this issue, is therefore actively developing a sophisticated platform to help projects easily deploy quests requiring users to complete on-chain actions and efficiently distribute ERC-20 tokens.

The frontier of web3 marketing

Tide is the next-gen marketing and analytics suite for web3 projects to acquire and retain valuable users.

  • A quest engine that supports the tracking of sophisticated on-chain actions (currently live);
  • A CRM / performance marketing dashboard to know CAC, LTV and ROI of campaigns and iterate (currently live) on those data;
  • An on-chain referral campaign (currently live), where soulbound tokens are used to help projects reaching out to new users through their most loyal advocates.
  • [Redacted] — coming end of summer

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