Bullcrap/Anthropic principles

For the past half a century, the mainstream physics was (and still is) bogged down by the naturalness and fine-tuning issues.

In physics, naturalness is defined as the dimensionless ratios between free parameters or physical constants appearing in a physical theory should take values “of order 1”. That is, a natural theory would have parameter ratios with values like 2.34 rather than 234000 or 0.000234.

This ‘naturalness’ criterion is obviously not discovered in nature but is a human cooked-up desire. This desire came from the failure that the mainstream physics model must hand-put in many parameters in its equations; that is, the desire to avoid the ‘fine-tuning’ any of those parameters.

The ‘naturalness’ and ‘fine-tuning’ are thus closely related but can still form some subgroups.

The obvious ‘naturalness’ issues are:

Hierarchy issue: the difference between weak coupling and gravity is over 30th order of magnitude.

Cosmology Constant: it is over at least 120th order of magnitude smaller than 1.

Higgs boson mass: it is too light for the M-string quantum gravity.

The obvious ‘fine-tuning’ issues are:

Alpha = 1 / (137.0359…): there is no way of calculating this value in the mainstream physics.

Planck CMB data (DE=69.22 % 、D=25.90 % 、V=4.86 %): again, there is no way of calculating these numbers in the mainstream physics.

These are facts. In summary, the ‘naturalness’ issue is all about the following four issues.





Of course, the mainstream physics places its hope on doing these #how2 on String-M theory and SUSY which have led to the bullcrap of S-multiverse (spontaneous-coexist-multiverse, with different laws and nature constants). As the other universes of S-multiverse is by DEFIITION unobservable from THIS universe, it is science only if it obeys the Bullcrap principle.

In mainstream physics, {anthropic reasoning = Teleological argument}, a big NO-NO.

On the other hand, in G-theory (G-strings), Anthropic Principle is the litmus test for the valid ‘Final TOE’.

Weak anthropic: life is ALLOWed by physics law but is not the rising mechanism for life.

Strong anthropic: life is the inevitable consequence of the physics law.

G-theory is a strong anthropic theory; that is, the seed of life must be embedded in the laws of physics.

We can discuss LIFE in two ways.

One, its rising mechanism, see https://tienzengong.wordpress.com/2016/04/20/deaths-of-two-gods/

Two, its highest expressions (manifestations): intelligence and consciousness.

That is, the bases for both intelligence and consciousness must be embedded in the laws of physics.

What are intelligence and consciousness then?

So, we must find two bases {counting device/tagging mechanism} in the laws of physics.

Now, we have two math theorems:

One, all computable is Turing computable. That is, the Turing device can be the counting device.

Two, the tagging theorems:

First, for a population with countable (infinity) members, 4-codes are enough to tag all members uniquely, according to the ‘four-color theorem’.

Second, for a population with uncountable members, 7-codes are enough to tag all members uniquely, with 7-color theorem.

So, individual life is coded with 4-codes (A, T, C, G)

For a species, it is coded with 7-codes: {A, G, T, C, M (male), F (female), K (kid)}

In G-theory, Turing computer is embedded in Proton and Neutron.

See http://www.prequark.org/Biolife.htm

Again, in G-theory, there are 11-dimensions

Seven of those dimensions are quark/generation dimensions (color-codes).

Now, the ‘Strong Anthropic Principle’ prevails. See, {Creation of Life, https://tienzengong.wordpress.com/2016/05/13/creation-of-life/ }.