How did we fool ourselves into believing in a new particle that wasn’t there?
Ethan Siegel

Not everyone was fooled.

See this article { (posted on DECEMBER 16, 2015)}.

The problem is definitely not all about the “Statistical fluke”. The first excited vacuum state has the vev = 738 (+/- 15) Gev. With the double the energy (from 8 to 13 Tev.), the excited vacuum states are reached much more than before. This excited state is not a ‘particle’, and it in general ‘dissipates’. But, without this understanding, that dissipating process can often be mistaken as a particle ‘decay’. Of course, after my above post, both labs (Atlas and CMS) have taken measures to avoid the miscounting the dissipations as decays.

But, this is all history, beside the point. The key point is that ALL mainstream BSMs are totally dead, and the mainstream physics is now officially imprisoned in the Hellfire Dungeon. Now, it is the time to launch a campaign of “Rescue mainstream physics (#RescueMainstreamPhysics )” by remove those four guarding curses.