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Jeh Tween
Dec 27, 2015 · 4 min read

Quantum gravity, mystery no more!

There is only one nature in THIS universe, that is, quantum and gravity must be unified in Nature regardless of whether human is able to figure it out or not.

With the above FACT, we can easily set up a criterion for the structure of Quantum Gravity (QG).

One, both quantum-ness and gravity arose from the same BASE. Or,

Two, quantum-ness must be DERIVED from gravity, or the vice versa.

Not knowing the BASE, we can try the second option, deriving quantum-ness from gravity.

Gravity GOVERNs the large scale (galaxy and bigger), even beyond the visible event horizon.

Today, we know the FACT that the RULER of this large scale is Dark Energy which moves the Mass (dark and visible) of THIS universe with acceleration.

Then, we have one simple question (with three parts).

Qp1, is there a boundary (not the event horizon of this universe) for this universe?

Qp2, if there is a boundary, then what is the OUTSIDE of this boundary?

Qp3, what is the mechanism (procedure, force or the whatnot) moving this boundary outward?

The current quantum principle {the mainstream physics, QUP (Delta P x Delta S >= ħ)} is the result of observational conclusion without any further theoretical base, that is, it is FUNDAMENTAL. Then, this QUP roams in the continuum space and time dimensions. With these two, the QG (quantum gravity) has gone nowhere in the past 80 years.

The only way to DERIVE QUP is from the Unified Force equation {F (unified force) = K ħ / (delta T * delta S)}, and this F (unified) is the result of both space and time are quantized (not continuum), and this was described in detail on {page 26, Super Unified Theory, US copyright TX 1–323–231, issued on April 18, 1984}.

Now, where is the boundary of THIS universe and how to move this boundary outward are explained in detail at .

With this new insight (dark energy and dark mass), what does GRAVITY mean? What is the FUNCTION for gravity?

In addition to the traditional sense that gravity holds mass together (as attractive force), now gravity is the INTERACTION between Dark energy and all Mass (dark and visible). In one sentence, gravity MOVES the entire THIS universe from NOW to the future (NEXT), and the dark energy performs that job. See, and .

In addition to Space and Time, gravity has only one parameter, the MASS. Yet, mass is carried by quantum particles {mainly by fermions, as most boson (except photons) is short lived}. So, mass rising mechanism (for quantum particles) must be linked to gravity, if not arising from it directly. Yet, the Higgs NONSENSE just got physics Nobel in 2013, that is, the physics (not just QG) will be doomed for many years to come. The detailed damning of Higgs nonsense is available at and .

There are two types of quantum particles: fermions and bosons; therefore, there are two mass rising mechanisms.

For fermions {carrying (1/2) ħ}, it sees two copies of universe {material universe and ghost world (places for yesterday and tomorrow), see }; and it bounces between these two universes. This BOUNCING gives rise to mass for all fermions.

Bouncing (not tar-lake) is the mechanism for giving the mass to particles. Fermion’s mass arises from bouncing between two copies of universe. Boson gets its mass by bouncing between fermions. Photon travels infinite long distance (before been absolved), and it does not bounce and thus to be massless. Gluon’s massless status is only required by the unbroken gauge invariance (a mathematic convenience), not necessary as an empirical fact. After all, gluon carries huge relativistic mass.

In conclusion, the F (unified) equation is able to resolve ALL OPEN questions:

Deriving quantum uncertainty principle

Calculating Planck CMB data

Calculating nature constants, such as Alpha, etc.

Hierarchy problem

Giving rise to life (see ), consciousness and intelligence

String unification: reproducing SM particles with a consistent language

See more of these at

Yet, the ONLY way to derive this F (unified) equation is under the fact that both SPACE and TIME are quantized; that is, the spacetime point is no longer a geometrical point but is a house which can house all SM (48 of them) particles, and this is the BASE for calculating the Planck CMB data (see, ).

Thus, any QG model without encompassing the quantized Time and Space, it is doomed to fail, total nonsense. For M-string nonsense, enough is enough.

Universe lock, (1/Alpha): see

Universe bookkeeping, Cosmological Constant: see

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