Redemption of Nobel-Physics

Almost everyone expected that the physics-Nobel of 2016 will and should go to LIGO.

Yet, this {setting LIGO bullcrap} at backburner has redeemed Nobel-physics from its Higgs bullcrap.

Four years have gone by, there is no Higgs mechanism. Even four trillion years from now, there will still not be any Higgs mechanism, as it is just a total Bullcrap.

Yes, LIGO (no one else) has detected two signals.

Yes, gravitational wave was verified indirectly long ago.

Yes, LIGO’s signals could well be the gravitational waves.

But, LIGO has said much (much, much, …) more than it actually knows, mostly bullcraps.

By putting this {LIGO bullcraps} on the backburner, Nobel-physics has redeemed itself.