The Greatest Unsolved Problem In Theoretical Physics
Ethan Siegel

Why making something easy so difficult?

“I just think too many nice things have happened in string theory for it to be all wrong. Humans do not understand it very well, but I just don’t believe there is a big cosmic conspiracy that created this incredible thing that has nothing to do with the real world.” –Ed Witten

The above is a statement of FAITH, song for worship, not a logic statement, let alone to be a science one. Thus, I will address this {hierarchy problem (why gravity is so much weaker than everything else?} with two steps.

Step one: playing a FAITH game — — faith one: all forces are derived from a unified force.

From this ‘faith one’, we can derive a theorem one.

Theorem one: no derived force (4 of them) can dominate (rule) over others (its brethren).

Then, corollary one: each derived force has its own dominion which is not superior to all other dominions.

That is, Equation one = {Ruler (1) x dominion (1) = Ruler (2) x dominion (2) = … }

Now, {Ruler (e, electric charge) x dominion (e) = (e coupling x e-radius)} = {Ruler (m, mass charge) x dominion (gravity) = m coupling x m-radius (of universe)}

So, m-coupling = (e coupling x e-radius)/m-radius = (10^-40) (e-coupling).

Well, the above calculation is FAITH based (having a unified force) plus a theorem of (no favoritism).

Step two: science work, giving out a unified force equation.

F (unified) = K*ħ/ (delta S*delta T)

From it,

A, deriving quantum principle:

Let:Delta P = F * Delta T = K*ħ/ Delta S

Then:Delta P*Delta S = F * Delta T = K*ħ

When:K>=1, Delta P*Delta S >=ħ

B, deriving the Planck CMB data (dark energy = 69.2; dark matter = 25.8; and visible matter = 4.82), see . In this calculation (derivation), only one free parameter (W, the melting ratio of dark mass to dark energy) was used (predicted), as 9%. This is a PREDICTION and could be readily verified with measurements by AMS02 data, CMB data and/or BAO (baryon acoustic oscillation) data. That is, this is a testable physics.

C, deriving dark energy, see .

D, Ethan Siegel’s article was written on December 18, 2015, three days after the CERN announced its RUN 2 data, hinting a new bump at around 750 Gev. I am greatly surprised that Ethan did not mention this.

With this ‘unified force equation’, there must be a Vacuum boson sits at 125.46 +/- Gev (see ). And, the first excited vacuum energy (vev) state sits right around at 750 Gev. Yet, the key point of this calculation is that {when this new bump (750) appears, the old bump (125.46 Gev) should be greatly reduced (if not disappear altogether) in accordance to the following dynamics equation.

X = the old bump (vacuum boson, wrongly named as Higgs boson) height (at 8 Tev with z fb-1)

X (1) = the bump (125 Gev vacuum boson, at 13 Tev with z fb-1) height

Y = the bump (750 Gev, at 13 Tev with z fb-) height

Then, X (1) ~ (roughly equal to) X — Y, (at z fb-1)

With this PREDICTION, we are not only able to know the answer about the {Higgs nonsense, see ) but will also resolve the “hierarchy problem.”

Hierarchy mystery is now no more! Also see