The Fun of Procrastination Photo

This is what happens when you procrastinate, month late updates.

Anyway, procrastination is the best friend and worst enemy of all people everywhere. The immediate gratification of relaxing and worrying about something later sounds great at the moment but then the next morning or that night you’re up until 3 am doing Spanish homework. Or writing that huge report you had two weeks to do with a month’s worth of information to shuffle through in the next two or you lose your job. Yeah, immediate gratification doesn’t feel too good after that horrible stress that made you turn gray at age 21 over night. I get it I really do, our bosses get why we do it too but these reasons are our downfall.


  • We wait for the perfect moment to start. You need the right amount of time, space and supplies. Then you wait for your fairy Godmother to set that up for you.
  • You think you work best under pressure.
  • In favor of this pile of work you’ll get done the other pile of work you’ve been putting off.
  • You don’t feel like doing it right away
  • Because Netflix’s, youtube, the game is on, Anime, etc.
  • Because cell phone is right next to me at all time
  • Because video games
  • Because the world is working against me with this wonderful time consumer called the internet that I can access everywhere!

Quick tips so you can stop and get back to work.

  • Do the one you really don’t want to do first.
  • Move all the times that distract you. AKA change your environment.
  • Hang out with people who make you want to do stuff; that well accomplished 16 year old might make you feel awful but might also make you finish your own work.
  • Break stuff down into steps to do in tiny doses you’ll be able to do
  • Organize it by what’s most urgent and leave room to edit and take your time.
  • Re-doe the day at 3 pm. Stop everything where you are at 2 or 3 pm and reevaluate your plan for the day, adjust.
  • Think about what you have to lose if you don’t get it done and let that be your motivation to finish up.
  • My personal method: Make a deal with yourself. My favorite junk food is sunflower seeds, I give my wallet to a trusted friend and then force yourself to do it even if the product is lackluster for the moment then treat yourself to what you love.
  • JUST DO IT: Shia LaBeouf makes me so happy sometimes

These are just a suggestions to help you out, not everything will help a certain type of people. It’s never a one size fits all solution, so good luck.

Don’t hesitate to email me, leave a comment or a question.