Github updates

We are happy to announce Github updates! Ties.DB is a technical project. We spare neither time nor effort in order to deliver the product we have promised — a decentralized, distributed database that will become a bedrock for blockchain industry. We realize that like any other real-use project, the creation of such a database is a complex, challenging task, that will take time to fulfill. We are grateful to Ties Community that believed in our project and invested in us, that is why we want you to be as informed about work as you can.

You can track all the Ties.DB development to our github: .
 By this time we have project structure, build system, protocol architecture, basic binary protocol parsing and initial crypto library. We use Java8 and maven for Ties Database project. From now on you can track the development process online, following all the updates.

Here we present our system architecture. The Ties Database project is split into several components:
- Core — the core of Ties.db node;
- Node — the implementation of the data storing node;
- Coordinator — functionality of the node with coordinator functions;
- Client — interface for a database client;
- build system — maven based build system that allows building the whole project from the command line;
- protocol architecture — we have defined basic components of the protocol and their interconnections;
- parsing — we have written code for parsing packets of the binary protocol;
- crypto library — all the crypto functions required for signatures and data safety will go to this library;

We hope you follow our Github updates, watching the project growing. Like other responsible crypto projects, we see a great deal of importance in keeping our work transparent, and our investors well informed. While we work on new partnerships, our top priority is the creation of the database. The final result will speak better than words, but it is a long way to go, with Alpha launched next year. As for now, track our progress and tell us what you think!

 Ties team