Modern days everyday live

I recently moved from a smaller town to a bigger one. I left behind my mother, brother, friends, ex-colleges. I came to this city with the big dream, everything is shiny, happy, catchy, perfect.

Wrong. After a few days, when I succeeded to get used to air change, already had my first bed impressions. Stressed, running people, all the time, crowded buses all the time, looking strange to a slightly slow newcomer, who doesn’t pack his bought items in the super market as a robot.

Walking dogs everywhere with their owner, and here, there a walking, beautiful dog without owner. I guess there is no time in big rush to keep the poor animal, if he already was added to the family circle.

How we end up being so cruel? Thinking about ourselves only, not noticing that there are so many soul waiting for our love, our attention. It is like somebody would force us to transform ourselves in monsters, some machines, that need only oil.

Coming here, it was my decision. I still think the right one. I only hope, and try my best, don’t let to be transformed into some walking ghost, which check his Smartphone every modern second of his live.

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