He was at his desk.

Tapping away at the MacBook.

The back of his head looked so amazing.

Lol. Bleh.

I am just in love.

I creep slowly and he can sense it cause he turns around to look at me.

I’m in his shirt, half dressed with the edges of the shirt landing just beneath my butt.

‘Hello, you’, he says softly.

I drink in his voice.

I sit on him.

In him and wrap my hands loosely around his neck.

Pouting, I say ‘Enough work. Come and play with me..’

He smiles deeply.

And looks at me.

‘What game?’


Paint me. I’m your canvas’

With that I get up and carefully strip to nothing but my arrangement of beads.

His eyes glisten and follow me as I sprawl myself across the bed.

He watches me for awhile, and comes to join me.

He nestled down on top of me, propped up with his hands on the bed, his lower region matching mine.

He drinks me in.

With all his senses.

He takes in every curve, every bend, every outline of my body.

He wants it.


And I’m tired of him looking, the AC is making me get goose pimples.

I pull him down, a little hard and bite his lip.

He moans a bit, sucking in my lower lip.

We’re kissing.

He tastes amazing.

He reaches for my boobs, nipples hard as his left hand grazes it.

I moan.


And suck his lips in, harder.

He props himself with his right hand on the bed, sideways as he reaches for my other lips.

I’m giggling now cause he’s fondling my beads.

He rubs on me, and I moan.

He rubs on me and I feel my juices slipping to his fingers.

I bite deeply into his lip as he sticks one finger in.


He’s pulling a scissor on me.

I tilt my head back and moan.

He catches and swallows my moan with his lips.

He pulls away and licks and sucks on his fingers.

‘You taste amazing, baby. As always’

I bit my lip and smiled as he trailed kisses down my collar bones to in between my breasts to my navel.

He skipped my breasts cause he had an aim.

He got to me and inhaled.

Such a creepy husband I have.

Always smelling me.

It gives him a rush.

He inhaled me one more time and kissed me.

I moved.

‘Stay still, Queen. Stay still’

‘That’s impossible’, I whispered.

He opened me up. Slowly and in dove his tongue..

I grabbed the sheets and moaned loudly.

My juices flowing freely, he licked and sucked and lapped me all up.

My left hand left the sheets and dug deep into his hair.

I pulled.

His tongue sank deeper….

…..I was building.

I pushed his head forget, deeper in between my thighs.

Fuck it. I loved this man forever.

He licked and nibbled and sucked.

My right hand grabbed his shoulder as I erupted.

And I erupted into him.

I erupted all over the sheets.

Progesterone and Carolina Herera filled the room.

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