I breathe softly on his skin as I inhale his scent. I feel warm in my chest as opposed to the biting cold from the AC.

This man was many things my mind couldn’t grasp.

‘Dare..’ I whispered.

‘.. Yeah?’, he replied so quickly, I was a little startled.

“..You’re awake..’

“I can’t get much sleep with you thinking so loudly..”

“I wasn’t..’, before I could finish, he was on top of me, in a split second, staring into my hazel eyes.

“Stop fibbing woman. I can hear your thoughts as clearly as I can hear that annoying drippy sound that faulty tap you’ve begged me to fix is making’

I rolled my eyes.

“Stop rolling your eyes. It’s a turn on and i’m trying to have a serious conversation here’.

He tried to remain still- faced as I smiled, but he couldn’t and broke out in a deep hearty laugh as I made one of my numerous faces.

“You’re so beautiful. Even with your messy hair and sleep tainted eyes..’

He nestled down and kissed my nose… And I felt warm again.

As he rolled over to the edge of the bed, I stared at his bare back and thanked my mother for all her prayers.

It couldn’t have been anything I had done that He would decide to bless me so.

‘Stop oogling over my sexy body. We’re not going to get anything done at this rate..’

He turned to face me and his beard was in such a mess, I couldn’t help but laugh at how silly and cute he looked.

‘I will oogle. It’s not your oogle’

He pulled me to the edge and kissed me ferociously.


I’m in love, guys.

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