Indiana it is 😐….

If you have read my previous story about needing a vacation then you know where I am going with this one.

Soooo yeah, I ended up going to South Bend, IN for the weekend to get away and chill out with an old friend. It went almost exactly how I thought it would, I should have stayed home for the

To start things off, a few days before I am leaving to go there in conversation my friend tells me she still lives with her mom. Not that this was a problem but my friend is over 35 years old, has a 1 year old daughter, and its only a 2 bedroom. So that means I learned a few days before my trip that I would be sleeping for 3 nights on a very flat futon, I would have been happier sleeping on a couch. In this same conversation she tells me about this older lady that she is basically using for money, alcohol and weed. My guess is she was setting the tone for me to know that this lady was gonna be around for the whole weekend while I was there because she also complained about lack of hours at work so her funds were low. Which was fine with me. Whatever.

Day 1

My friend picks me up from the airport greyhound station. I hate driving I only do planes, trains or buses. We go straight to her sugar mommas apartment. Yeah, I got jokes

Now I don’t judge at all. I have no room to, but upon meeting her I couldn’t stop staring at her mouth because she didnt have any teeth! Yeah, I’m looking at straight gums. My friend didn’t warn me about this in the car ride, but later confesses that she didn’t notice the first few times they hung out because she was drunk. 😒 I’m sorry but drunk or not I notice so I wasn’t really buying that excuse so again…wutever.

Just as my friend said the lady had a bottle of Henny for us. They started drinking, I was just off of the bus and on an empty stomach so I declined the drinks at that moment but I planned on joining them after getting some food. Unbeknownst to me THEY were in cahoots on setting me up with a friend of the theirs. Smh.

I hate being hooked up. Its bad because the people that choose to hook me up know what kind of women I like but they always come with the kind of women that they like or want for me and it never works out. Also, this same particular friend tried to hook me up over 10 years ago with someone that she hadn’t even f’n met. That was a horrible experience. Lol so maybe she was trying to redeem herself this time around. She didn’t.

So the other friend arrives not too long after they started drinking. She walks straight into the house, ran to the kitchen, opens the fridge, grabs a water bottle and gulps it down right where she was standing. I’m guessing she was super thirsty. Then she comes around to where we were and speaks to us while sitting very close to me. I should have known something was up at that point but I didn’t. It didn’t take long though. Not long after sitting down she says “Rae (my friend) told me alot about you, she said you were single and looking. Well I am too so we should get to know each other.” I look over at Rae and she’s giving me the cheesiest smile ever thinking she did a great job or something. Meanwhile I’m sitting there like:

First of all, I never told Rae I was looking for anything because I’m not. Smh.

Second, I need a glass because now I need a

I let her know that I am not looking for anything right now, but we can definitely be friends. She was attractive, just not my type and I wasn’t trying to lead her on in any kind of way. I just wanted to have a good chill weekend with my homie and her friends. After a few drinks and convo I finally was able to convince them to feed me. I am starving at this point.

We go to a sports bar to eat and have a few more drinks. Basketball was on so that was a plus for me and Rae. The women started asking about what we were doing that night. Rae wanted to go to the casino or clubbing in Chicago. Neither were good ideas because she is the only one who gambles, that would have been a bad trip for everyone. Chicago is 2 hours away and who tf is driving back drunk..NOBODY! Plus it was Thursday not much was going on anywhere. After too long of a debate that was getting us nowhere I suggested lets just go back to crib and drink and chill out there. They agreed and we left.

They followed us to crib. Me and Rae started playing 2K on the Xbox and the women got upset and left. Not even 5 mins after they were gone I got like a 3 page text messege from ol girl. 😒 I regretted exchanging numbers with her at that exact moment. I’ll give yall the quick version:

“If yall wanted to play the game all night yall should have just said so. I was trying to hang with you and get to know you tonight but I guess thats too much to ask for. I was even getting a room so we can chill alone and really get to know each other”.

Smh. Now Im annoyed. The quick version on my reply:

“What tf are you talking about??? I have been nice af hanging and talking to you all night and Im here to kick it with my homie. U shouldnt think that because Ive been nice to you that I’m bout to just get a room/sleep with you I dont know you like that. Girl ur crazy.”

She tries to come back acting like she was only getting a room to get away from them and not for sex or anything. Whatever. I aint buying it, nor am I going to keep talking to her about it. I stop replying and finish whooping ass in 2k 🏀⛹️‍♂️🤾‍♂️ for the night.

Day 2

I wake up before Rae, her mom and the baby. So I just lay around and chill with Moe.

That was my buddy.

Rae wakes up around noon, mom and baby wake up soon after. We shower, get dressed and go grab some lunch. Soon as we get back she calls her sugar mama to bring her some cigs 😩. She comes over with a bottle of Henny. Who drinks this early???? Them obviously. She didnt stay to long as she had some errands to run but she was coming back in a few hours. Cool. She leaves, me and Rae chill and talk about the night before. I get to play with lil mama and she tried on a few of the bday outfits that I bought for her. They all fit fine so I was happy about that.

Around 7ish the sugar mama comes back over with her friend. Yeah HER. She apologized for how she acted the day before and came to chill and drink with us for a bit. Whatever. So Rae decided we all should play bowling on the Kinect so the girls would feel included in our gaming. They didn’t want to but they did and we actually ALL had fun. We also turned it into a drinking game which helped. We were all pretty drunk. A few other friends of hers stopped by but they didn’t stay long and she lives in a small apartment so it wasn’t room for a bunch of folks anyway.

Now I got pretty drunk that night. I also hadn’t eaten since lunch. Which is bad for me, I’m always eating. So I actually passed out on them around 2am.

Day 3

It was Saturday morning. Rae had to work at 9am. Im not sure what time she went to bed the night before because I passed out. But I do know when she left out the door for work it was 9:30am. Yeah she was late. She didn’t get off til 3pm. So it was me, mom and the baby until then. Moms made breakfast for me and lil mama, so I was good.

Around 12pm I get a text from ol girl saying she wanted to come chill with me before she went to work. I should have said no. Seriously, I should have but my nice ass told her to come AND I was hungry again, Rae didn’t get off for awhile and moms and baby where sleep. So she was my only hope for food atm. She wasn’t acting strange, clingy or weird the night before either. So I thought it was all good 🙁.

I get up and get myself together. Shower and all, she comes over with the food and chills. We kick it and it was all good. Lil mama woke up so we all hang out.

Rae gets off work and goes grocery shopping to actually cook a meal for us. Great. I was so tired of eating out. She makes greens, rice and ribs. Now this meal sounds good and most of it was. The ribs where pre-cooked. So all she had to do was put them in the oven. Those where bad. All bad. 😣😣😣 but she loved them 😕. Whatever atleast I got to eat. Lol.

Around 8ish the sugar mama stops by. Im sure Rae texted her. Ol girl is supposed to leave for work at 9 and she is now hinting around at calling off of work. Me and Rae already had plans to go to the bar that night. Without them. They didn’t know about these plans but I could tell that it just wasn’t going to work out that way. Me and Rae go to the store to get beers and discuss our exit.

We get back and basically Rae says “Me and my homie about to shake n bake, Idk what yall are about to do but we are going to the club”. Instantly they both get attitudes. Ol girl calls her “sister” and tells her shes coming over. They leave.

I tell Rae, they are gonna show up wherever we go. Watch. She laughed me off, we drink our beers and go to the bar. We are there for a good 2 hours before them and their crew shows up. Rae sees them first and comes over to me like “They are here”…smh I knew it.

At this point I don’t care. I’m here to hang with my homie. I don’t have any type of relationship with ol girl so I’m good. We go over to the bar to get more drinks and they are there. Im not rude so I speak. Ol girl speaks then turns her back to talk to her friend. Ok good. I keep it moving. While I sit at the bar this girl comes right up to me:

Her: So I seen you talking to my sister.

Me: Who are you? Who is your sister?

She points at ol girl.

Me: Oh, well in that case you didn’t see me talking to her. We exchanged 2 quick words that you weren’t around for. She told you she knows me.

Her: (walks away, then comes back) Yea she did tell me about you, Im her sis. Your cute.

Me: Yeah 😒

She started off way wrong with me. I got a bad vibe from her so I kept it moving. Me and Rae order some food and go sit far away from them. We get our food and as we are eating the sister comes back.

Her: So I was told to come get yall.

Me and Rae: What??!!!

Her: Why yall being all anti social. Come sit with all of us and hang with us.

Rae: Look, me and my homie hanging we already spoke to them and they were acting funny. So don’t come over here with that we chilling.

Her: Well I was just doing what I was told.

Me: You shouldn’t always do what your told esp when you don’t know the whole situation.

She leaves and goes straight to the sugar mama and ol girl to tell them what we said. We finish eating. Next thing I know ol girl comes over to me and says.

Ol girl: So you tried to talk to my sister???????

Me: 😩😬WHAT?!!!! Before I go off on you call her over here. Lets discuss this right now. One of yall on some bs and we bout to figure it out.

Ol girl: No I don’t wanna call her over here I don’t want to start nothing.

Me: So you have no problem accusing me of something but we can’t talk to the person who said it to see if its true. I dont play games. Nor do I like liars. Im not talking to you. I did not try to talk to your sister. But I need to talk to her to understand why she would lie on me. Or are you the liar??????

Ol girl: No I just asked a question no need to get upset.

Me: Yea there is need. Uve been an issue since Ive got here and now you call yourself checking me about something that I didnt do. So yea I have a problem.

I stop myself, look at Rae and she gives me the lets go look. We leave. I get another 5 page text messege from ol girl. Its something really wrong with her and Im not responding. Matter of fact shes the only person on my block list now I aint got

Instead of going home. We go to another friend of hers and her ex is there. Smh. More drama. Her and Rae argue while I sit in the car annoyed. Im just ready to go home.

We finally get back to the apartment and I pass out. Rae falls alseep in the chair. She never made it to her room.

Day 4

The day I’ve been waiting for. Time to go home.

I say my goodbyes to moms and lil mama.

I don’t even care that my bus was late or that I was stuck in Toledo for 2 hours.

Home sweet home.

I couldn’t wait to get to my bed. Thats where I really should have been all weekend. My bed never lets me down….

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