CNA Week 0

Mother thanks Liberty University football players that rescued son from fire

Earlier in July, members of the Liberty University football team rescued 13-year-old Marquel Franklin from an “enormous house fire” by coaxing him to jump from a window into their arms. This past Tuesday, his mother Shalita Franklin appeared at the team’s football practice to personally thank the courageous men that saved her son’s life. Reports also say that the players aided the Lynchburg Fire Department in pulling the massive hose from the firetruck across the street towards the burning house.

Car crash results in two people sent to hospital

Earlier this morning, two vehicles collided on Graves Mill Road. Reports say that one vehicle ran a red light, t-boning another oncoming car. Currently, both drivers are in the hospital and no injuries have been announced; more details to come.

Marijuana grow operation discovered in Franklin County

Franklin County Sheriff's office is currently investigating an illegal marijuana grow operation found 10 feet underground. Investigators found numerous marijuana plants and manufacturing items in the buried storage unit. Additionally, firearms and untaxed whisky manufacturing items were found in the same 40 foot by 8 foot storage container.