Public Relations

With a career in Public Relations, it is imperative that one keeps up with current news, trends, and social media to remain relevant and competitive with other professionals.

For starters, the idea of converging is extremely vital. In order to be successful in PR, professionals must possess skills beyond just their knowledge of Public Relations. These skills should include those of marketing, customer service, and collaboration to make themselves more valuable to organizations. With these skills, one will become more marketable.

Secondly, there are several tactics to consider taking advantage of when creating content as a PR professional. For example, a humorous flow chart is definitely an approach to take in order to spark one’s imagination. Through this, one would explain some type of process with a twist of humor to hook his/her audience.

Additionally, a low-budget movie is also something to consider as the quality of the film itself does not necessarily matter as long as a targeted emotion is evoked from the creator’s audience. Furthermore, the use of a micro-site is always an option to consider because the creation of a game that allows consumers to be interactive with one’s brand stands out among its competitors. Lastly, another great tactic in creating content would be publishing a cunning and hilarious open letter to the public.

Speaking of tactics, there has been an epidemic throughout the business world where business leaders falsely think that media relations is the complete make up of what Public Relations is. Consequently, these business leaders fail to understand that media relations is just merely a tactic in PR.

It is imperative that business leaders and companies understand that the use of media relations/contacts is only one component to successfully completing a goal. What they need to recognize is that there needs to be a strategy from the get-go.

Dietrich put it well by saying, “It’s a big problem when business leaders, bosses, clients or prospects want us to lead with our media contacts and provide a weekly report that correlates published results with media impressions and advertising equivalencies.”

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