Snapchat just deleted its Facebook page and my only response is

“… does Facebook have a Snapchat account?”

Social media companies are essentially marketing platforms. Would they be leaving out a market by deleting their page? [does research] No, apparently nobody has posted on the page since 2013.

Ever since the Instagram update that mirrored Snapchat, Facebook is technically a competitor of Snapchat. Or so it seems. Is this passive aggressive page deletion Snapchat’s way of saying so? That’s mature.

If it is… This could be a huge indicator since Snapchat just awkwardly flagged Facebook as a competitor for the future of the company by essentially doing the thing we all have done — awkwardly unfriending that person.

I mean, Evan Spiegel is engaged to Miranda Kerr. His influence reaches millions everyday. He can achieve anything. There’s a lot of potential left in his app, even after the ad clutter and noise (which was once presented seamlessly but now has been completely exploited). Speaking of which, have we had a kangaroo filter yet? Like with two people and one of them is in the pouch? It’s not racist yeah? Yeah that would be cute.

To be honest, I’m just salty because I broke my iPhone, switched to a Samsung, and Snapchat sucks on Android.

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