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Want to bring your product to retail ? How not to fear the buyer.

I’ve had a lot of conversations with brands that want to launch their products into retail and perhaps 80% of the people I talk to fear “the pitch” and connecting with the buyer.

Why the fear?

You can read a lot about fear in the myriad of available self-help books and we all fear something. However after digging a bit deeper, most say it’s not knowing what to say, how to say it or what the buyer wants to know.

Buyers are put up there on a pedestal of being unapproachable and perhaps not so friendly. This may be true in the odd case but the reality is that they are just extraordinarily busy.

Most buyers want new products and brands, they just want the info presented in the right way and it needs to fit to their story. Get it right and you are on the Fast Track, get it wrong and it’s back to Zero.

So what does the buyer want to know?

As a new brand, you need to know your product, but you really need to understand; the current market environment, what the consumer trends are and what your target store is all about. If you know your stuff and act more like an “adviser” or as a “consultant”, you become so much more attractive to the buyer and you can act from a position of confidence.

Confidence & Knowledge helps to dissolve fear

The business development person of today has had to take on that advisory role now for quite some time, but if you are a New Brand, with a new Product in a category that’s doesn’t exist or it’s saturated, you will need to dig even deeper than that to convince the buyer.

Below is a diagram that encapsulates some of the concepts that you should be in control of before you start throwing yourselves at retail.

We’ve all heard the stores about how innocent drinks started and so on, but those stories are really one in a million, so I suggest to get realistic or you will be sitting on a lot of stock.

TigerLeap Workshops

If you want to approach retail and learn about the above areas and more in a 1 day intensive workshop, then click here for more info and the dates. It will be fast paced, flowing & direct. Be ready for feedback, be open and it will be very rewarding.

About the Facilitator

Zoe, the founder of Tigerleap, will be taking the workshop. She’s worked in marketing, business consulting and sales, all over the world and specializes in bringing product to market and into retail stores. She still works everyday with retailers across EMEA and covers many brand categories. She sells and has sold into many retail chains such as DixonsCarphone, John Lewis, TopShop, Ryman, Virgin, all of WHSMITH Group, Tesco and many many more.

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