August 5th Clemson Historic Picture Of The Day

Fike Field House

(Photos Uploaded By Alan Cutts)

Today’s photos are from the early 1930’s and show the final completion of Fike Field House. 
 From Clemson World Online: 
 Anyone familiar with the last 60 years of Clemson history will likely recognize the bedrock significance of names like Walter T. Cox, R.C. Edwards, and Frank Howard. Imagine then, the influence and respect that one man must have wielded for that threesome of Clemson legends to serve as the pallbearers at his funeral. Such a man was Rupert Howard Fike. 
 Fike, known to most as Rube, was born in Spartanburg County in 1887. He first fell in love with Clemson while peering through a knothole in a fence to see the Tiger football team rout Wofford during the Tigers undefeated season of 1900.

Fike promptly returned home to tell his parents that instead of following their plans for him to attend Wofford, he was going to go to that Clemson. That he did; and in 1908, he graduated from Clemson with a degree in civil engineering. After graduating with his M.D. and returning to South Carolina to open a general practice in Chesnee, Fike became interested in X-ray work and decided to pursue postgraduate studies at Johns Hopkins University. 
 His thirst for medical knowledge grew, and he studied at the Massachusetts General Hospital, the Harvard University Medical School, the Mayo Clinic and the Curie Institute in Paris. While in Europe, he also observed cancer clinics in England, Italy, Belgium and Germany. 
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