February 22nd Clemson Historic Picture Of The Day

Tiger Baseball From 1979 (Part II)

(Photos Uploaded By Alan Cutts)

Today’s photos are from the 1979 baseball season and is Part II of IV photo selections from the 1979 baseball season that I will post over the next 4 days. 
 Tiger Field was completed in 1970 with heavy input from Coach Bill Wilhelm. It was Wilhelm who had the idea to install the upward-sloping terrace along the outfield fence, which makes Tiger Field unique. 
 Prior to 1970, the Tigers called the Riggs Athletic Complex home for the previous 54 years. Before that Bowman Field was the home for Tiger Baseball, which incidentally was named after R.T.V. Bowman, the Tiger’s first baseball coach.

Tiger field opened in 1970 and has a record single-game attendance of 6,480 (set on March 7, 2004, against South Carolina). The Tigers have an .810 winning percentage in games played there all time and are 25–2 in NCAA Tournament games there since the NCAA changed its post-season format in 1999 (with a 39–8 record in NCAA Tournament games all time). 
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