January 14th Clemson Historic Picture Of The Day

Clemson Photo Quiz Part III of III

(Photos Uploaded By Alan Cutts)

Alan Cutts, the man responsible for digitizing all of these photos for me, came up with a quiz for some of the photos. Today is Part III of III that will quiz you on your knowledge of Clemson through some photos. 
 Answers will be available at the bottom of the blog each day. 
 1. Who is the woman in the photo below?

2. The YMCA building was built in 1916, thanks to a $50,000 donation from whom?

3. Hoke Sloan grew up in Clemson and served as the school’s tennis coach for many years. However, he never attended Clemson as a student. What educational institution did he attend?

4. Who is the man in the photo below? (Hint: He has a building named after him on the east campus.)

 1. Frank Howard’s daughter, Alice Howard. 
 2. John D. Rockefeller gave a $50,000 donation for the building of the YMCA at Clemson. 
 3. Hoke Sloan attended Auburn. 
 4. August Schilletter, Steward of Clemson College; in charge of kitchens & mess hall, 1900–1918 
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Originally published at tigerpregameshow.blogspot.com on January 14, 2016.