October 22nd Clemson Historic Picture Of The Day

Dan’s Sandwich Shop (Part II of III)

(Photo Uploaded By Alan Cutts)

Today’s photos are the 2nd part of a three part series on Dan’s Sandwich Shop. Today’s photos were taken in the 1960’s after Dan’s expanded by acquiring the space next door. 
 Dan Gentry was the original owner of the Trolley Car Diner on Pendleton Road that is now Mac’s Drive-In. After many years working with Mac, Gentry decided to open his own restaurant, thus starting his own Clemson tradition.

Dan’s Sandwich Shop is known as much for the pictures that adorned the walls as for the burgers that they served. Clemson athletes, especially football players, made it to the “big time” if Dan would place their photo on the wall in the restaurant. Tomorrow, I will post some photos that show those famous pictures inside of Dan’s Sandwich Shop.
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Originally published at tigerpregameshow.blogspot.com on October 22, 2016.

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