The Dash CTM Future

Coming off the announcement of TigoCTM’s unveiling of Dash-interoperable CTM machines, it’s becoming clear that as the digital currency space evolves, some currencies will define themselves as better options for everyday use in commerce and peer-to-peer transactions.

As more people are integrating cryptocurrencies into their everyday lives of saving, shopping and investing, there’s a growing need for added features to make fiat to digital currency and vice versa transactions in a physical manner. Dash has established itself as a leader in offering steady and consistent performance and development since its inception.

Dash, named after the convention of “digital cash,” has shown itself to have a variety of stronger use cases for consumer applications compared to digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ether. Already valued as the 6th most popular cryptocurrency in the world, Dash has shown relative price stability in relation to wild swings seen with the more popular currencies on the market.

Whereas Bitcoin experiences turmoil through the political infighting associated with core development, Dash’s internal governance model has shown a proven model for getting things done faster and more definitively.

Where Ether’s bull run-up in price was hobbled by the DAO’s downfall, Dash’s value remains tethered to its ability to provide fast, private and secure transactions for anyone, anywhere in the world. Additionally, with 60% of the Dash supply being locked up in Masternode investments, the value is also stabilized over time.

But why are Dash enabled CTM’s useful and why do they make more sense for people looking to maximize their financial freedom with cryptocurrency? Let’s look at these main benefits.

A New Kind of CTM

Infographic CC by 4.0. Author is Tyler Dupre on behalf of GitGuild.

Unbanked Systems

These CTM’s are basically standalone gateways to the world of accessible financial services. In the future, after technical upgrades to hardware (bill recycler) and software, operators will be able to keep a Dash based CTM running with only a solid internet connection and electricity. This level of overhead is far less than what it takes to get any individual international bank to open a branch or even a traditional ATM within any given area in the world.

As Dash continues to expand its reach to consumers and develop its platform to accommodate an expanded array of user needs, Dash CTM’s will hopefully continue to grow in their numbers and capabilities to serve people around the world with rock bottom barriers to entry.

A New Way of Saving

A truly unique feature of participating within the Dash ecosystem is the opportunity to buy into a Masternode, which in essence pays out dividends much like a savings, CD or investment account would. However, unlike traditional banking opportunities to earn incremental income over time, a Dash Masternode is passive income that anyone can have access to with enough collateral. Plus, the capital invested into the Masternode isn’t guarded by someone in a bank branch who works banking hours.


Most remittances worldwide are cash to cash, especially those sent and received by people lacking formal financial services. Seemingly obvious, this represents a huge barrier to cryptocurrency adoption by one of the largest and best fit demographics in the world. With Dash CTMs, unbanked people can send instant remittances from machine to machine or to partner networks.

Censorship Resistance

Many governments around the world are rumored to be considering “bail ins,” where money would be taken out of people’s bank accounts. Others blatantly take from their people through capital controls, such as Venezuela. In places like these, the voluntary and democratic governance of Dash provides services privately and without discrimination. Because they can operate relatively isolated from surrounding infrastructure, CTMs are an ideal, low risk access point.

But Why Dash?

Dash isn’t the first cryptocurrency to be integrated into CTM technology, so why does Dash as a currency offer benefits over other cryptocurrencies? Even though most CTM’s don’t require only cryptocurrency be transacted with, here are some reasons why Dash is a good option to make a primary operating cryptocurrency with CTM’s.


Dash offers instant settlement. Having a cryptocurrency that can settle payments quickly is useful not only from a convenience perspective, but also from a logistical perspective of being able to reliably set up a wide variety of business models around using Dash


The ability to send and receive Dash payments quickly is complimented by offering true privacy. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Dash allows anonymous payments to be sent from peer-to-peer.


Dash’s established governance model is one that has garnished praise from the cryptocurrency industry for its level headedness and approach to incentivising a steady, yet innovative development in the Dash technology. As ideas that match the underlying principles of Dash are met with consensus through voting, they become implemented in the system, promoting a more robust and reliable cryptocurrency for the future.

Dash integrated CTM’s are a gateway for anyone, almost anywhere to have access to an array of financial services usually only associated with communities where big banks do business. Now with very little overhead and a simple internet connection, Dash CTM’s offer the businesses and unbanked individuals of the world to freely manage and have custody over their digital assets.

For those interested in bringing about a more financially decentralized future, be on the lookout for Dash CTM’s in your immediate geographical area in coming months. If no Dash CTM’s appear near you, then that’s a great reason to buy a CTM and start serving your community and earning passive income for yourself as an owner and operator.

Author: James Ryan Moreau

Article license CC by 4.0

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