Objectivity is dead, and I’m okay with it
Lewis Wallace

Get down…get better..decide where to pay attention, because human attention is the most valuable commodity on the planet. Figure out where you can make a difference…go for it.

Like I’ve GOT to get away from this computer. All these people who agree with me on-line distract me from MY own work.

Hey, I CAN share something…had a conversation with another old guy…he was muttering about ‘bathrooms’…so (I’m practiced at this) we began talking about rockets, etc. Something came over me, and I said, enthusiastically…”Hey, we might live long enough to learn about an alien…” Around here folks are ‘into’ rockets somewhat. White Sands is just over the hill.

SO…he responded about he’d love to live to see that happen.

And again, this just ‘fell’ out of me: “Yeah, but YOU aren’t going to let him go somewhere and take a leak, because he’s shaped a little different that you…”

He shut up. The cashier rang up my groceries. I’d overbought, and lacked a couple of bucks…by God, he reached in his pocket and dragged out the money. And smiled.

Try it…for a couple of minutes it worked. Eat your hearts out, Oh hateful ones…brief episodes of conversion are possible.

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