Yes, Trump Is a Fascist — Here’s the Checklist
War Is Boring

Nobody who reads this should be surprised. The Russians planted and have supported subversive movements in the country for many years. The best that I know of is the one that Joseph Stalin started, with his brain-washing and direction of Fred Koch, the money he gave him, and the many RIGHTWING groups and publications he founded and his family guides yet today,

ALL with the purpose of taking down, degrading and supplanting the Constitutional government of the United States. Currently called the ‘conservative revolution’, it has training for its writers and mouthpieces, media to practice with and entire universities aimed at subverting the true allegiance and loyalty of U.S. citizens, and has pursued the same aim, for its Russian masters, since the 1930’s.

Anybody can look it up. The information is all there. Try Wikipedia and ask about the relationship between Fred Koch and Stalin.

The Russians have been playing a LONG game, and a third of Americans are already traitors in their hearts, ready to take up arms against their government and the Constitution. Who, among the folks who read this on-line publication, could doubt the evidence? Please note: the DOJ IS bought up clear to the very top, and too many so-called ‘conservatives’ mouth BS against the

constitution they claim to defend…by talking of taking up arms AGAINST it.

Yeah, it’s a very effective subversion campaign. Stalin was brilliant, and his student, the father of the Koch family power and wealth, a GREAT saboteur…

possibly the best plot ever hatched. Yeah, go ahead. Listen to Rushie Baby.


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