The Matchup Hillary Can’t Win
Dave Pell

Thanks. Haven’t knelt to the porcelain god-ceptacle over behavior of the crass clown, but anything the crapaholic says is probably typical billionaire BS. He’s our first well-known billionaire of my lifetime. He’s not a positive first-impression.

Tough being raised as a human. Any limiting group you are raised in limits your automatic reactions; aims you, so to speak. Trump is just another lousy example of the endemic parenting failure of the American wealthier classes. Their tribe, their strange dress, their appearances, their always-weird public pronouncements, their willing self-imposed separateness, often strangely and uniquely educated as individuals, these quite often ordinary persons born into wealth. Perhaps billionaire child-raising is just another example of the optimism parents are capable of.

As ALL of his supporters are examples of the failures of the less-wealthy American classes in parenting…so if the Constitution had something like ‘the Bill of Rights’ for CHILDREN…there likely would never have been such an ignorant buffoon even among American billionaires, notoriously out-of-touch as they are.

Maybe some food for thought THERE, yes? Apologies for length and communicative coherence.

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