Confessions of a Progressive Gun Nut
Jon Stokes

I have no issue with responsible gun ownership. But it seems to me many of the issues with guns could actually be resolved by simply enforcing a policy of responsibility (as opposed to what we have today).

Don’t have a gun?

Great. Don’t tell me I shouldn’t have one. Requiring I be licensed, insured, and well-trained are absolutely fair standards. In return, I will be less likely to carry irresponsibly. That’s acceptable.

Have a gun?

Great. Use it wisely, but you’d best encourage everyone to hold the negligent accountable, or risk giving potent politcial and statistical ammunition to those who would prevent me from owning one. There are also no accidents with guns: those who dispute this should be unequivocally disqualified from gun ownership.

Enforcing responsibility would go far to reconcile both sides.

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