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The Media has other priorities, but some of them have reported on this.

I’m telling you I don’t believe you when you say “we’re all in this together,” especially when you use language which divides Americans, and favors fascism over Christian love.

Look, you probably don’t think of yourself as racist. I should hope not, anyway. But when you avert your gaze and close your mind to it, even when it happens in front of you, you give those who are comfort and tacit approval.

Things will likely become worse for everyone who doesn’t believe as you do. Who isn’t white. Who isn’t gay. Who isn’t male. Who isn’t rich.

Who isn’t naturally a bully.

This new Christian Supremacy will no doubt permit you to thrive for a short time. But whether you agree or not, or know it or not, you pay a price for shooting through your neighbors. Many christians in the past have collaborated willfully and joyously with terrible regimes.

The American religious right has collectively failed every possible test of morality and faith set before them this election. If you celebrate Pence and Trump, you will be no different.

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